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Pre and Post-surgery diet plays a very important role for someone looking for a Bariatric surgery and your doctor should be able to provide you with the same, after understanding your weight loss goals and lifestyle situations.

Pre-surgery diet

During the pre-surgery period, it is important to keep a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. This helps in the healing process and at the same time reduces bleeding and fat. It cuts down the fat in and around your liver area which can obstruct the view for surgeons during the surgery.

This type of diet trains you for a healthier lifestyle and eating habits which you will have to follow along with weight loss which keeps you safer during the surgery.

This diet involves low calorie, high protein food, and as the surgery date approaches diet needs to be liquid only along with the intake of certain vitamins.

Post-surgery diet

After the bariatric surgery is done the diet post that plays a very important role in the success and well-being of your body to achieve your fitness goals and weight loss to be effective.

Stage one: Clear Liquid diet

Withing the 24 hours after the surgery you will have to be under a clear liquid diet, such as

  • Decaffeinated coffee and tea
  • Skim milk
  • Thin soup and broth
  • Unsweetened juice

Stage two: Pureed diet

In this stage you can have pureed form of vegetables, this will train you and prepare you to gradually move into a soft diet. Doctor’s advise on the diet is a must during this stage. You can have Protein shakes during this phase

Stage three: Soft diet

It will take 6-8 weeks to reach this stage for most of the patients and based on Doctors advise you can consume :

  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • Ground meat
  • Cooked white fish
  • Canned fruits

Stage four: Stabilization

This final stage starts after two months post-surgery.

This is when solid foods are introduced into your diet. Food will still need to be chopped into small pieces as the larger pieces can cause problems.

Foods need to be introduced carefully to understand what the stomach can handle. Hard to digest food should be avoided at this time. This includes fibrous or stringy vegetables, popcorn, bread, bread products and fried food.

A healthy diet for life after Bariatric surgery is the key to getting a successful outcome.

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