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When measuring blood pressure at home, make sure that it is done properly. Therefore, there are some basic guidelines to ensure that your results are reliable.

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If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is important to know the right steps to measure your blood pressure at home. Many measure this pressure at home to better prevent heart attacks and ischemia.

Doctors recommend this practice to those with high blood pressure. However, some patients do this simple preventive measure with a lot of worry and misconceptions. This can then lead to many false alarms when readings are thought to be anything other than what they really are.

That’s why we want to give you eight tips for measuring your blood pressure at home this time, so you can do so calmly and pay close attention to the results.

So keep reading to help you deal with this with less care this is how you measure your blood pressure correctly at home. You can use blood pressure calculator for men and women now.

Correct posture for blood pressure

Some make the measurement by just lying on their bed, turning on the monitor and starting pumping – completely disregarding their position. However, this is not the right way to measure your blood pressure at home.

  • The correct posture is such that the patient is sitting upright with the feet firmly on the floor.
  • It is important that the back is supported against the back support or the like.
  • instructions for measuring blood pressure at home
  • The position of the arm is very important in the measurement of blood pressure
  • A simple change in arm or arm height can change the results.

Whether or not the hand does any work during this is also something that can make the outcome change. That’s why doctors advise that your arm is properly supported against a table or other flat surface. The arm should be immobile and comfortable for the patient. And do you know CPR and first aid training has become essential?

No movement during test

Some people have made this procedure so commonplace at home that they talk and move their hands when measuring blood pressure. However, this is not the right way to act and can affect the measurement of blood pressure by distorting the result.

It is clear that any strong expression or worrying thoughts can change blood pressure in the short term.

That’s why, if you want reliable results, the right choice is to stay still when measuring your blood pressure.

Alcohol raises blood pressure

Products such as alcohol and carbonated drinks often raise blood pressure   almost automatically. The word happens if you smoke a cigarette. Thus, of course, it would be good to avoid such products during and prior to measurement. If you are drinking a carbonated drink, wait one hour before making a measurement. Otherwise, there is a risk that the results will be distorted and this may cause unnecessary additional care.