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Chemical peels can help you eliminate the damaged and dead skin cells that make it look dry, dull, and aged. The procedures help create new healthy skin cells and reveal the younger, even, and radiant skin below your skin surface. The chemical peel Memphis specialists help determine if the treatment suits you based on your unique needs. Every stage of the treatment is critical, and it is important to understand what is needed at every phase of the treatment. The recovery is critical in maintaining the obtained results and avoiding possible skin complications. Here is how to take care of your skin after a chemical peel.

No Touching

It is critical to keep your hands, hair, or anything that can touch your face away. Touching the face after a chemical peel can be painful and spread contaminants such as dirt and bacteria on the wounds. Tying long hair and keeping it back is important to avoid rubbing your face. It might be tough for the initial days after the chemical peel since your skin might feel itchy and demand you to touch it. However, remember that touching will only worsen things and affect the results. You can try alternatives like keeping the skin moisturized to overcome itching and minimize the temptation of touching.

Avoid Sun

Your skin will be under continuous peeling for a while. Peeling reveals fresh skin that can be sensitive to external actors for several days. Direct sunlight can burn your sensitive skin and should be avoided for about two days or as your doctor instructs. The nature of the chemical peel you receive determines the duration you will have to avoid sunlight. Sometimes, you might need to avoid sunlight for up to six months when you get deep chemical peels.

Wear Sun Protection

Though it is recommended that you avoid sunlight after a chemical peel, you might not be in a position to stay indoors. However, you can wear sun protection whenever outside to prevent burning or the formation of new skin imperfections like dark spots. You might have to wait until your skin heals and consult your doctor on the type of protection you can use. In most cases, doctors recommend sunblock of at least SPF 15 every day to avoid sun damage. Also, you can consider wearing sun protection clothes and accessories like a hat to protect your new skin.

Skip Makeup

Makeup is good, but you will have to skip it after getting a chemical peel. Please wait until your skin heals before applying your makeup, as it can irritate and clog your skin. You can wait until there is no more scabbing or flaking or until your doctor says it is safe to apply your makeup. You might be able to apply makeup after a few days for light peels, but you might have to wait for a few weeks for deeper peels.

Carefully Clean Your Skin

Your skin is a bit sensitive after a chemical peel. Therefore, you must be careful about your daily cleaning routine. Follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid damaging your skin during cleaning. Use gentle soap and water to clean your skin. Ensure you identify crusty areas and soak them with a wet washcloth to make them soft. Always apply a moisturizer or ointment when you soak or wash your skin.

A chemical peel can most effectively manage some skin imperfections when accompanied by proper skin care. Contact A Beautiful You Medical Spa specialist to understand what chemical peel aftercare looks like. Call or get online to book a consultation appointment.