Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Women are blessed with a divine ability to carry their babies for 9 months and deliver them. Therefore, the pregnancy period is the special time of every woman’s life. During this time, everyone around the pregnant person takes special care of them and the baby inside. It seems to be a very nice and happy moment in every woman’s life. However, few of them are unable to enjoy this time with vigor as they are curbed by the fears in pregnancy. All the time they are thinking about the fears and sometimes they even call upon depression. We would talk more about the fears that come across the minds of the pregnant woman.

The Fears That Give Birth Before The Child Is Born

Anxiety is quite natural during pregnancy, as we humans always tend to think about the future that is unknown to us. The anxiety turns into fear when we overthink. This is the same that happens with pregnant women. Some of the common fears that bother them are:

  • Fear Of Miscarriage: Everyone starts thinking about their baby the moment they start planning. The parents even decide their baby’s name and do plenty of shopping. They do this just because of the hope that rises within. When the mommy-to-be sees all this, anxiety or fear keeps developing in the mind. They keep thinking what if she undergoes a miscarriage, then all the hope and aspirations that have aroused will be curtailed. 
  • Fear Of Premature Delivery: Babies who are delivered before 9 months are termed as premature babies. Their organs are not fully developed in the womb by the time they are delivered. Raising a premature baby is quite tough. It is tough both for the baby and the parents. There are even certain risks involved. Therefore, the thought of a premature delivery haunts the mind of a pregnant woman.
  • Fear Of The C-Section Operation: C – section is not an easy operation. There are life risks involved both for the mother and the child. Many women who have a phobia of injections get frightened by the thought of epidural. Many of the times, such thoughts have raised the blood pressure level of the pregnant woman and they land up into more complications. 

To avoid the fears and stay relaxed, the expecting woman should talk more and more to the people around them and the doctor. This way, she would be able to clear her doubts and stay calm.