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Giving birth can mess with your body as you can easily gain weight which is hard to shed in the long run. Although you may exercise and eat healthily to lose the weight you gain at motherhood, sometimes it is better to opt for a Roslyn Heights mommy makeover cosmetic procedure. The cosmetic procedures remove the fat deposits in unwanted areas streamlining your silhouette. The fat deposits on the underarms, the back, thighs, and stomach are hard to remove, and you would need these surgical procedures to eliminate the fats and other insecurities.


Sometimes you might not lose the fat in the stomach after childbirth, and you would exercise and diet in vain. Liposuction addresses the fat deposits leading to a curvy body. A liposuction doctor injects a substance that breaks down the fat cells into the stomach and sucks out the fats. Although minimally invasive, it is an effective weight loss solution that promotes better weight management. Moreover, it is a permanent solution to weight loss and will streamline your body. You can apply liposuction to the underarms, belly, back fat rolls, and thick thighs.

Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding tampers with the shape and appearance of the breast, and you may opt for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation to improve the appearance of the breast. Breast augmentation lifts fallen breasts, making them appear upright. You may augment the breast during a liposuction process, taking the fat deposits from the liposuction procedure and separating them from other body fluids. After obtaining the pure fat cells, your beautician will inject them precisely into the breast, thus lifting the breasts.

The reabsorption of the fat cells into the breast will depend on the quality of the fat cells harvested from the liposuction procedure and other health factors. The beautician may remove excess skin from the breast during breast augmentation as it tightens the supportive breast tissues, thus enhancing the appearance of the breast.


Labiaplasty corrects imperfections in the labia which occur during childbirth. Childbirth may lead to tears and overstretching of the vaginal lips, and you would need surgery to correct the imperfections. The surgery will shape and remove excess labia tissues, making the area appear beautiful. You would opt for procedures that tighten the vaginal tissues restoring the appearance of the vagina after birth.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is only ideal when you don’t want to have any children in the future, as it removes the excess skin and tightens the stomach muscles. A tummy tuck might reduce the elasticity of the stomach, making it difficult to carry a pregnancy in the future. Although it can improve the appearance of the mid-section, you can only undergo the procedure when you are sure you will not have any children.

Mummy makeover procedures improve your appearance and increase your confidence after childbirth. Childbirth alerts your body as it leads to a permanent change of the labia and midsection area and fat deposits in different body parts, thus lowering your self-esteem. You may opt for liposuction and tummy tuck to improve the appearance of the midsection and eliminate the fat deposits in the underarms and the back rolls. However, you should ensure your beautician is certified, trained, and experienced to offer these mummy makeover procedures.