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Undoubtedly, veneers can provide a lovely smile. Veneers can make your teeth look whiter, more uniform, and evenly shaped, giving you a grin worthy of a celebrity. However, are you aware that veneers offer numerous non-cosmetic advantages as well? At Smile Perfector Dental Group, Dr. David Shouhed provides patients with the finest cosmetic and general dentistry care. Dr. Shouhed utilizes innovative techniques and materials to maintain the health and beauty of their patient’s teeth. Continue reading to discover some non-cosmetic reasons your Carthay veneers specialist may suggest you undergo the procedure.

Why Consider Veneers?

Dental veneers are extremely thin, custom-fitted ‘shells’ that adhere to the tooth surfaces. Every veneer has the same hue and sheen as your natural teeth. Veneers could be developed from resin or composite materials. However, porcelain veneers appear the most natural.

Generally, patients receive veneers to enhance the look of their smile. As veneers could make teeth appear brighter and more evenly shaped, they are commonly included in smile makeovers. Moreover, veneers might last for decades. Nonetheless, even while aesthetic enhancements are your primary goal, veneers could also deliver several dental health advantages, including:

  • Strengthen a Weak Tooth

Veneers are extremely thin, but they help strengthen weak teeth. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, a veneer could protect it from additional harm and strengthen it. Applying a veneer to a tooth with a crack could save the need for a dental crown, which conceals the whole tooth, or more complicated dental operations.

  • Fill In the Spaces In Your Teeth

Not fond of the space between your front teeth, or perhaps you feel self-conscious about your smile due to spaces between your other teeth. Dental veneers could restore your self-confidence by filling in these gaps. However, the advantages extend beyond aesthetics.

Nonuniformly spaced teeth are more difficult to clean than teeth with closer spacing. Food could become lodged between the teeth, leading to the accumulation of tartar and plaque. This buildup may also impact the visible gum tissue between the spaces in the teeth. Custom veneers could bridge these spaces, making it easier for you to maintain your gums and teeth clean.

  • Stop Progressive Tooth Enamel Deterioration

Some individuals have weaker enamel, leaving their teeth more susceptible to surface wear and tear. If enamel corrodes due to exposure to fluids, food, or other substances that induce erosion, you might suffer uncomfortable tooth sensitivity, a spike in tooth decay, and tooth discoloration. Veneers could shield your teeth from additional deterioration and reduce their sensitivity to cold and hot foods.

  • Immediate Orthodontics

In rare instances, veneers could rectify small misalignments of the teeth. Besides the visual benefit, which might help you feel more confident about flaunting your smile, you will also find it simpler to maintain your teeth clean.

It could be challenging to floss and brush crooked teeth. Additionally, misaligned teeth could give spaces for tartar and plaque to accumulate, and cavities may develop more readily in these regions. You could enhance the artistic appeal of your smile and simplify your everyday dental maintenance by obtaining veneers. Consequently, you might obtain a more attractive smile and enhanced oral health for many years.

Besides the typical aesthetic benefits, there are many good reasons to consider veneers. During your consultation at Smile Perfector Dental Group, Dr. David Shouhed will examine your unique dental concerns and advise whether veneers are appropriate for you. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.