Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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The market is full of natural remedies for penis enlargement, to be combined with some targeted exercises. Many solutions take advantage of the latest knowledge in the sector, which is difficult to understand for those who cannot count on adequate medical training.

Unfortunately, there are few websites on the subject, since it is an area that is still too wrapped up in prejudices and clichés that are anything but founded. A complete and impartial site would be useful, with demonstration images alongside free videos, comparisons between product features and reviews on the safest and most scientifically reliable brands.

We are the solution to this problem, with our opinions on stretching exercises that we have found most effective and above all free of unpleasant side effects. The use of the η αλήθεια για το Titan Gel is perfect in this case.

The Solution to Enlarge the Penis

Natural exercises for penis enlargement

Let’s face it: Size matters. This is why, despite the tendency to hide it, many men fear that they will ruin a spicy evening by disappointing their partner’s expectations.

Natural products and effective exercises for penis enlargement are therefore very popular, and alternatives are growing.

What, however, are the solutions that actually work? After having researched and tested as many expedients as possible, some of which are free and usable in the most varied online videos, I have summarized my new knowledge in this updated guide.

Manual exercises

Who said you need medical help to enlarge your penis? Probably someone in the mood for nonsense, or particularly pessimistic.

Cosmetic surgery can certainly help in the most complex cases, but the experts seem to be clear: an increase in size, expecting a result within the threshold of rationality, would be obtained with some elementary manual exercises.

One of them is the most common traction. After lubricating the shaft of the penis with a specific product, constant pressure is applied with the fingers, which in a gesture similar to that of milking start from the base (to understand, from the point where the shaft is fixed to the pubis) to slide up to the glans and stretch the member repeatedly.

Free and painless

The advantages of this key exercise concern above all the circulation inside the corpora cavernosa, or those parts of the penis that are supplied with blood giving rise to an erection. The benefits are reflected in the overall overall efficiency, and not just in size.

This method requires a few days of practice, at least twice a day , before showing the first results; this according to the experts, who also recommend maximum consistency and a fair dose of common sense.

The Solution to Enlarge the Penis

A second exercise is the so-called Jelqing, characterized by a similar procedure, which is obtained, however, by closing the index and thumb in a circle. There are many free demonstration videos on the web, and in some cases you can find instructions in PDF and PDF / X format. Finally, there is no shortage of tools designed ad hoc, often also described in industry forums, which act by creating additional pressure to constantly and uniformly stimulate the surface of the phallus.