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When you quit using the substance cold-turkey or abruptly and suddenly, it has a significant risk, especially if it is alcohol. The effect of opiate and benzodiazepine is also relatively dangerous. An abrupt Orange County drug alcohol therapy of these kinds of the drug is not at all advisable. Since the use of high-risk drugs has extreme withdrawal symptoms. 

It is more tempting to quit alcohol or stop taking it suddenly because many people can easily avoid it. They feel it is more feasible to avoid the use of drugs entirely than using them moderately. People feel so mostly when they are taking drugs in an abusive manner. At the same time, many have thought that they can get rid of the habit more efficiently by completely cutting it off. They avoid the people who influenced them, places, and other environments as well—the person looks for a new start.


Alcohol and drug addiction can affect a person’s life in many ways. They will experience relationship issues, health issues, and other legal problems. Being dependent on drugs and alcohol can weaken someone’s ability to prosper in life and reach their aim. After suffering for a long time, there comes a saturation point where they want to quit the harmful habit.

But quitting the habit on your own can be dangerous. Its dangerous as the central nervous system has already grown a dependency on the drug. Suddenly stopping the use can result in various potential life-threatening and severe medical conditions. These situations can include seizures and irregular heartbeat problem.

The most common danger of quitting cold turkey is your system will lose the capacity of drugs and alcohol quickly. As a result, when you relapse, you have a higher chance of overdosing.

Even other types of drugs like nicotine, cocaine, and amphetamines can be dangerous. These drugs can also produce unpleasant and severe withdrawal symptoms. This symptom can drain you emotionally and physically.

Dangers of cold-turkey

Medical staff and physicians do not recommend a cold turkey drug alcohol therapy orange county because of the increased danger. So the question arises of how to detox yourself from the drugs safely and correctly. With medical help, you will be able to achieve sobriety with minimal pain. You can lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms through their organized detoxification process. Some of the most chronic detox symptoms are:

  • Tremors and full-body ache.
  • Coma and seizures
  • High blood pressure and Tachycardia
  • Hallucination and Delusions.

Other withdrawal symptoms, comparatively less severe than the above, are depression, anxiety, insomnia, headache, flu, etc. When people try to quit alcohol abruptly at home, they do not get medical assistance. Neither do they get a drug-free environment.

Trying to clean at home without guidance or assistance can increase the risk of relapse. The environments usually are more influenced to promote the use of the drug. It can affect you more, especially when you are in a vulnerable state. People who try to detox alone are quickly tempted to retake drugs. The temptation is because of the pain of withdrawal symptoms.


The medically-assisted detox process is the safest and fastest way to treat drug addiction. A group of specialists are there to guide you through the process of withdrawal. The medication and therapy help to reduce the severity of the condition. More information about addiction and drug alcohol therapy orange county is given in the link .