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What is the difference between sports sneakers and ordinary sneakers, synthetic against cotton and what to look for when choosing sportswear for training.

Convenience is one of the main criteria for choosing a sports form, but nevertheless, fitness clothing should correspond to the direction. After all, you will not come in wrestling uniform to squash, and in boots – to yoga. In this article we will try to understand the non-obvious (and obvious too) rules for choosing a “sports”.

In everyday life, natural materials are valued more, but not in fitness. Here synthetics rules the ball. We got it from professional sports – for the sake of new records, scientists are developing swimsuits that glide better on water, T-shirts made from “space” fabrics that instantly evaporate excess moisture … All these products are products of the chemical industry, and cotton has remained in some martial arts. .

Synthetics have a minimal weight, good ability to absorb and remove sweat, it is comfortable, poorly soiled and excellently cleaned, stretched in shape and maintains muscle tone. However, if you are allergic to artificial fabrics or you simply don’t like them, cotton is not a taboo. Of course, it is more pleasant to the body, but not so comfortable.

Equipment should be chosen according to the figure and size – avoid too tight or wide clothing, you do not need to take it “for growth”.

Tight form is good for aerobics, rocking, yoga, Pilates, cycling, power lifting, cardio. It allows you to see every muscle, so feel free to wear leggings (tights) – these are very popular clothes for men. For game sports, you also need your own form, but there are no requirements for tightness here.

Avoid clothing that is too wide if you are not karate. Sleeves and trouser legs not only hamper movement, but can be dangerous if they fall into the mechanism of the simulator or treadmill. A certain standard for a fitness club is leggings and a top for women, a shirt and shorts / tights for men, light sneakers. In such clothes, it will be convenient for you to Buy Oxymetholone 50mg on most of the shells, it is also suitable for many types of activity.

Too tight clothing in training, contrary to myths, does not contribute to weight loss and does not bring benefits. She can only burst during a squat in the most uncomfortable place. Another thing is “compression”. Slimming leggings, leggings, overalls compress the limbs to help the blood vessels cope with the load. However, if you do not have a predisposition to varicose veins or edema, exorbitant loads and an understanding of why you need compression underwear at all – do not think about it yet.

When choosing clothes, we focus on convenience, material quality and the ability of seams to easily stretch.

For yoga, Pilates, stretching, fitball lessons, choose clothes based on the fact that you will most likely have to lift your legs or stand on your head. Men are better off choosing tight or tight-fitting shorts, “bicycles,” tights or half-tights — too “airy” shorts will bully and create awkward situations. Women should take care of a special sports bodice – for exactly the same reason. Such underwear will fix the breast, which will also protect it from stretch marks.

By buying sneakers should be approached with all seriousness. For practicing “light” sports – aerobics, general physical preparation, as well as for exercising on simulators, choose the multi-sport format. The main thing is that the foot feels comfortable, and the sole is quite thick and non-slip. If you are going to jump a lot (for example, with a skipping rope), make sure that there are “shock absorbers” in front and behind.

Shoes are the most important piece of equipment.

Comfortable shoes are the key not only to comfort, but also to the health of joints, ligaments and muscles. So, for running, sneakers with a reinforced heel and toe, as well as a small support for the ankle, are a prerequisite. For power loads and working with the barbell, get a barbell – weightlifting shoes are made from durable materials that ensure the correct setting of the foot, it is flexible with a high heel and a thin toe.

For sports choreography (zumba, aerodance, exercises on the step), knitted clothes, leggings, jazz shoes (sports shoes) and even gym shoes are suitable. There are no high requirements for this form; lightness and comfort are the main indicators.

Do not forget about the little things. For example, socks – it is better to choose from cotton with the addition of synthetics. You will also need athletic gloves to work with the barbell – your hands need nothing to grow with calluses, and the palm will slip less. A headband or a light baseball cap will absorb sweat and prevent it from getting into your eyes.

Sportswear from well-known brands is not always better. In addition, it usually costs more, but after six months your body will change and your shape will wear out – why pay more? However, small modern tricks are sometimes really useful: mesh inserts are better ventilated, and laser seams can not be rubbed. The main thing, remember – no matter how modern clothes are, they will not train instead of you.