Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Your loved one will need to go into the hospital for a procedure. That involves taking care of a few things before the day to check in arrives. One way to ensure that everyone goes as planned is to have a care giver with your loved one during this period of pre hospital care Colorado Springs CO. Here are some of the ways that the care giver can help. 

Following a Temporary Diet

Prior to the procedure, your loved one is encourage to follow a certain type of diet. The goal may be to stay away from foods that would think the blood or in some other way complicate the surgery itself. A care giver can come up with a menu that’s in line with the doctor’s orders, and ensure those meals are presented in the days prior to the event. 

This type of planning helps to improve the odds that the procedure will go well. It’s also helpful in terms of the state of your loved one in the hours and days after the surgery. Hopefully, the temporary diet will allow your loved one to get home sooner rather than later.


Adjusting Medications Per The Doctor’s Orders

In like manner, it may be necessary to limit or discontinue use of certain medications in the days leading up to the hospital stay. This is generally to ensure that none of the typical effects of those medications could adversely affect the patient while in surgery. Doing so, for example, may prevent problems with regaining consciousness once the procedure is done. 

The doctor can provide a schedule for tapering off on certain medications. A care giver can take that schedule and ensure that it’s followed to the letter. This alleviates the need for your loved one to remember if a given medication is to be taken according to the usual schedule, or is to be avoided until after the procedure. 

Securing What Will Be Needed for the Recuperative Period

As part of the planning, the doctor is likely to have a list of items that should be on hand once your loved one returns home. It makes sense to secure all of those as part of the pre hospital care Colorado Springs CO. By making sure all is ready before leaving for the hospital, there will be less to do once the patient is home again. 

It’s not just about being prepared. By taking care of this detail in advance, your loved one is less likely to be concerned about having to get things while still feeling tired and not ready to do a lot. You also have the comfort of knowing the home is stocked with everything the doctor suggested, so there’s no need to do anything other than concentrate on healing. 

Ensuring Everything is Packed for the Hospital Stay

Another important task is packing for the stay in the hospital. There will likely be the need for fresh undergarments, gowns, robes, or other things that help your loved one more comfortable. There may also be the need to prepare reading material and other things to help pass the time. Even a couple of personal items, like a framed photograph or some other token, may be good to help make the space a little nicer. 

It’s easier to pack in advance and have the bag ready to go instead of scrambling around on the day slated for checking into the hospital. A care giver can ensure that nothing is overlooked, and that your loved one will feel fully prepared. 

Remember that care is not just for after the hospital stay. Getting help in the days before can go a long way toward ensuring all is in readiness. Work with the care giver to ensure all the details are settled, and your loved one will be all the happier.