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Everyone needs a relaxed life with a healthy state of mind, soul, and body. Meditation is an amazing and popular practice to quiet the thoughts and focus your mind. Most people think of Buddhist styles of meditation. But there is an older style of meditation that most people do not know about. Vedic meditation is a powerful tool to transform the mind and create clarity through chanting Sanskrit mantras. This type of meditation originated from the Vedic texts in ancient India. Vedic Meditation is one of the most effective and preferred ways to relax, especially in Indian culture.


The origin of Vedic meditation technique can be traced back to more than five thousand years ago. It came from the Vedas land in India and consisted of a vast body of Knowledge. This body knowledge was called Ayurveda and was portrayed in texts by sages who were adequately equipped with a deep understanding of the power of the mind and body connection. The method is the oldest of all the meditation methods that originated in India.

How to practice Vedic Meditation

During the Vedic meditation, you are encouraged to rid your mind off any issues and give it some clarity. The practice is focused on mantra meditations, and that makes it unique. The first step is to get a peaceful and comfortable setting. The second step involves choosing a mantra that gives your body a calming sensation. The chants should be able to draw peace towards you and take away any worrying thoughts.

After that, you should focus and allow breathing as well as be keen on how your body responds. Initially, you can open and close your eyes and later close them throughout the session. Finally, focus on your mantra and acknowledge your thoughts and allow your mind to absorb the mantras. The mantras could be audible chanting or silent. Keep on practicing more and more until you achieve comfort.

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Benefits of Vedic Meditation

  1. Reduces fear and anxiety

It is suitable for people who battle various types of fear, worry and anxiety. Vedic technique has been known to be useful therapies for fear of any situation that causes you stress. The method turns off fear and gives you boldness.

  1. Boosts productivity

It is useful whenever your mind is stressed or overworked. Stress decreases your productivity typically, and therefore, Vedic gives you a break from what is overworking you and allows your brain to refresh. After the practice, you can be able to attend to your duties and become more productive. Vedic Meditation is especially helpful for students to boost their academic performance.

  1. Increases energy levels

It is well known for increasing your energy levels. Whenever one is fatigued and overwhelmed, their energy levels go down significantly. However, setting time to practice this meditation will boost your energy levels and leave you rejuvenated, thus carrying out your daily duties effectively.

  1. Increases confidentiality

It is a remarkable booster of your confidence just like the transcendental meditation. The mantras that are used during the meditation to feed your mind are the ones that slowly feed esteem, thus making you more confident with time.

  1. Boosts immunity

It is well known to help alleviate many life style diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. Whenever you practice the meditation, your body immunity is gradually boosted by the practice enabling it to resist ailments.


Vedic meditation is a way of giving your mind its full potential. Over the years, Vedic meditation has continued to significantly spread to other parts of the world with people embracing it as a lifestyle.