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Have you ever heard of an individual who has suffered from disk herniation? It is usually caused by gradual wear and tear, known as disk degeneration, caused by aging. As you age, the disks become more vulnerable to rupturing and tearing since they are less flexible when exposed to a minor twist or strain. In rare cases, it can be caused by a traumatic experience such as falling. In recent years, there have been increased cases of Roswell herniated disc. The following are the common myths regarding herniated discs.

Disc Can Slip out

The name usually confuses people that the disc can slip out of place. However, it is crucial to note that the disc cannot slip out of its place. The main reason is that the discs are surrounded by an interior similar to a gel protected by a tough outer layer referred to as annulus fibrosus. If the outer layer splits and permits the gel to split out, it can push it against the nerves of the individual’s back, a condition known as a herniated disc.

Herniated Discs are usually a result of Injury

Some people believe that the injury entirely causes the herniated discs. The truth is that they result from varying factors, and the main factor is the genetic predisposition to the condition. Besides, age and lifestyle habits such as smoking increase the risk of suffering from this condition. This is a myth because even though the herniated disc is evident after a sudden movement or injury over time, the condition results from weakening over a long period.

If You Suffer From It, You Should Remain Inactive

Some people believe that if you have suffered from this condition, the best option to take is to relax. The main reason is when the individual relaxes; they feel that the pain seizes. However, remaining inactive for a long time can worsen the condition. Exercising would help the area to move, boosting the recovery. You should therefore ensure you carry out light exercise, a few stretches, and walking.

To Correct Herniated Discs, You Must Have Spinal Surgery

Most people fear getting treatment when they hear that they will have surgery. Even though the surgery can correct the problem, it is used as a measure of last resort. This is when other non-surgical methods have failed, such as over-the-counter treatments, physical therapy, and heat and ice packs.

The Herniated Discs Have Excruciating Pain

Even though the herniated discs are painful, the pain can vary. The pain varies according to which nerve has been pressed against. The most affected areas are the hips, limbs, neck, and shoulder, even though the pain mainly manifests in the lower back. In most instances, you will feel weakness, numbness, and a tingling feeling. However, there can be other instances where you can have a herniated disc and not have any pain or symptoms.

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