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The most prevalent adverse effect of teeth whitening is temporary tooth discomfort. Mouth and gum discomfort are also common. Toothache is particularly prone to be triggered by hydrogen peroxide. To reduce this adverse effect, when your teeth are whitened at the dentist’s office, your gum tissue is covered throughout the process. Moreover, you may notice greater tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening Kingwood using an at-home kit. Tooth sensitivity can develop while consuming extremely hot or cold foods and beverages. It might also seem like a sudden ache in your teeth that comes out of nowhere.

An overview of tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a method of lightening teeth tint without damaging any of the tooth’s surface. It is a general dental surgery that may improve the appearance of your teeth. While it will not completely change the color, it will lighten the present color. Also, the method must be done several times before the results can be seen.

Benefits of tooth whitening procedures

  1. Serious self-esteem boost: A better smile equals a brighter you. Most individuals attribute a considerable percentage of their self-worth to their physical appearance. So, if you decide to whiten your teeth, you may expect an instant improvement in your self-esteem. Furthermore, everyone will notice the new you!
  2. Your teeth will be better: Dental health should be an element of every dental treatment you consider since it is critical to your overall health. Poor oral health can lead to a variety of issues later in life. These issues include organ failure, heart disease, cancer, and, in difficult situations, death. When you whiten your teeth with a dental expert, you will have stains adequately removed from your teeth, enabling them to strengthen and become healthier.
  3. The teeth whitening procedure is fast: Many treatments take significant time during and after the surgery to reap the advantages. Having your teeth whitened isn’t one of those time-consuming operations. With teeth whitening, you can anticipate your competent dental practitioner transforming your smile in under an hour! While a few over-the-counter whitening solutions make similar promises, the results you’ll get from a dental expert and the quickness with which you’ll achieve them are unmatched.
  4. Professional teeth whitening is entirely risk-free

Many treatments severely harm your gums and the enamel around your teeth. You can anticipate whitening your teeth to be pleasant and that the whole health of your mouth will be taken care of when you work with a professional. You may also anticipate professional advice on maintaining your newfound, dazzling smile!

There are numerous at-home and in-office teeth whitening therapies and techniques available. Whitening toothpaste, rinses, and pens do not last long, but they can assist in extending the advantages of other, more powerful whitening procedures. Also, white strips are the most efficient over-the-counter whitening therapy that may be used with the supervision of a dentist. The longest-lasting whitening is achieved using gel trays designed to fit your mouth by your doctor and chairside whitening. Call Rénove Medical Spa or book your appointment online to determine which teeth whitening treatments suit you.