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Tianeptine Sodium is an antidepressant medicine discovered in the 1960s by the French Society of Medical Research. It is mainly used in the treatment of major depressive disorders including anxiety, asthma, and many other syndromes. There are various other names by which tianeptine sodium is called stablon, coaxial and tatinol. Tianeptine sodium is available to buy online, however, it requires a valid prescription from the doctor. You need to take the drug in the manner prescribed behind its label. 

It can have some serious side effects if not taken properly. Tianeptine sodium is available in both capsules and powder. While taking it in powder, don’t overdose it. Go for check-ups when you are taking tianeptine sodium. An average of 12.5mg is to be taken 3 times a day. However, it can vary depending on your requirements for the treatment. Continuously educate your primary care physician on the experience you face because of any tianeptine withdrawal’s side effects and tianeptine sodium uses.


  • Tianeptine sodium is an excellent counter for depressive symptoms. It has helped in curing some major depression issues and continues to do so. People suffering from chronic alcoholism and elderly people due to lack of sedatives, cardiovascular and other adverse effects can also be cured with the help of this. It should not be used in cases of obesity. 
  • Tianeptine sodium is great medicine for the treatment of asthma. People consuming tianeptine sodium have seen a sharp decrease in clinical rating and increased lung function. 
  • Tianeptine sodium has shown great symptoms of improving the reasoning ability, commission errors and increase in verbal memories. 
  • Tianeptine sodium uses help in reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. Medication regimens of escitalopram and tianeptine have encouraged tension indications just as a goal and abstract neurocognitive capacities. Likewise, tianeptine has diminished frenzy issue to minor frenzy challenges in patients. Likewise, it is dynamic at a measurement of 37.5mg in treating PTSD patients.        
  • Tianeptine sodium is great medicine for pain relievers. Tianeptine sodium high uses its systems of activity to reduce torment. This is through by encouraging the delta-narcotic and Mu-narcotic receptors that alleviate torment. By expanding the GABA focuses just as actuating the spinal lines 5-HT7 receptors subsequently lessening neuropathic torments. Actuating the adenosine A1 receptors, that decrease seizures and ease torment. It is a way of calming down impacts. Also, by expanding the degrees of norepinephrine and serotonin in the dorsal horn of the spinal.


The normal symptoms are wooziness, cerebral pains, stomach torments, obstruction, tianeptine withdrawals, dream changes, just as queasiness. Renal failure patients and old age patients need to take negligible measurements in case they experience the ill effects because of complications. Continuously educate your primary care physician on the experience you face because of any tianeptine withdrawal’s side effects.


Tianeptine Sodium is good medicine for curing various ailments. It is however not available in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is important to the same amount of tianeptine sodium as advised by the doctors. In case you face difficulty in buying tianeptine sodium, contact your doctor and ask for the alternatives.