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Eyebags and dark circles beneath the eyes appear to be more noticeable as we age due to a number of factors. AGNES RF is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that addresses loose, saggy skin near the eye, beneath the eyelids, and around the mouth. This upper eyelid lifting dissolves accumulations of fat on the superior eyelids and beneath eyes using radiofrequency, while also encouraging collagen development in the underlying skin.

The combined method tightens and minimizes fine wrinkles throughout the eye region while lifting and reducing sagging eyelids and eyebags.

What Happens To The Eye Area As We Age?

Many variables influence the appearance of our eyes, including:

  • Allergies
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Age
  • Stress

We can manage our sleep, stress, and allergy exposure to some level, but we can’t halt the process of aging.

Two things occur as we get older that cause our eye shape to change. The muscles around the eyes weaken first, allowing the overlying skin to loosen.

Second, the fat that supports and surrounds the eye region begins to shrink and move lower, resulting in unattractive “bags” above and under the eyes.

Dark circles and swollen, puffy, under eyes, and heavy eyelids are common side effects of fat loss. Even when well-rested, the outcome is an always tired look.

How Does Agnes Rf Work?

AGNES RF is a device that uses micro-insulated needles to administer radiofrequency heat to a maximum depth of 1.5 millimeters in the skin surrounding the eye. Deposits of subcutaneous fat that have grown up around our eyes decrease as a result of the heat. Heat efficiently melts the fat, which is subsequently processed and discarded by the body. AGNES RF also warms the dermis, causing the overlying skin to contract by stimulating collagen formation. The heat also permeates the epidermis (the skin’s outermost layer), improving suppleness and smoothing fine wrinkles.

Can It Replace A Surgical Eye Lift?

AGNES RF is not meant to be a replacement for a surgical eye lift, but it is a wonderful choice for people looking for a non-surgical treatment for puffy, baggy eye areas.

How Do I Know If Agnes Rf Is The Right Treatment For Me?

Makeup, cosmetic creams, stress reduction, reduced salt intake, and sleep could accelerate the aging of the skin around the eye area.

Ideal candidates are those who have skin laxity that is mild to moderate surrounding their eyes. Most individuals usually begin to generate mild skin laxity surrounding their eyes between the 30s-40s, with moderate laxity appearing between 40-50 of age.

What Happens During A Treatment?

Your doctor will apply a numbing cream, and then they’ll inject local anesthesia into the area that’s being treated. After that, they’ll apply AGNES RF to the drooping/fatty eye regions, linearly working surrounding your eye orbital. Radiofrequency heat energy will be injected into your skin through a micro-fine needle. When your treatment ends, stem cell solution and a cold plate are used to the area being treated to stimulate healing, followed by an antibiotic ointment.

Usually, an AGNES RF upper eyelid lifting treatment for eye bags and eyelids lasts 1 hour. Note: the procedure works on the eye skin area but doesn’t ever reach the eyeball.

Is It Painful?

Anesthesia will be applied before the procedure; as a result, most people could tolerate it. Roughly 80% of the procedure is entirely painless. You’ll only feel the device’s pressure on the skin. Approximately 20% of the procedure seems like a series of short stings to your skin.

What Are The Side Effects? Is There Any Downtime?

After being treated, the skin region would seem a little swollen, and red prick spots would be seen on your skin. Visible redness and swelling subside 1-3 days later, though a week could be needed to resolve the swelling fully.