Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Poor posture is the most common cause of neck pain in most people. When you sit in the wrong position, your neck muscles are put under additional strain, irritating your joints, and causing pain. Always keep the thoracic spine in your neck in proper mobility. When the neck is unable to move, it will feel strained and painful. Prior to receiving neck pain Henderson treatment, you should relax because you will get help concerning your pain through various methods, such as a physical therapy session. Your doctor may recommend these physical therapies to help alleviate your neck pain.

1. Bridge

It is imperative that you perform the bridge exercise in order to increase mobility in your lumbar and thoracic spines. To keep your neck in a neutral position, keep your chin tucked in while doing this exercise.

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet hip-width apart for the bridge exercise. Your hips should rise off the floor while your palms and feet are firmly pressed into the floor.

Also, ensure your lower back is compelled firmly against the floor by engaging your core. Breathe in and out simultaneously for two complete cycles of diaphragmatic breathing.

2. Rotation to the Side

Another essential exercise to stretch the muscles in the neck is performing a side rotation. This exercise involves placing one of your hands over your head and then pulling the head gently towards one direction to stretch the neck muscles. The pushing should be performed in both directions. During this exercise, you will feel the muscles tightening nicely in the order undergoing the stretch.

3. A Levator Scapula Stretch

Levator scapula stretching is done by tilting your head towards the ground like you want to smell your armpit. Then add some tension using the same hand.

4. Clasped Neck Stretch When Seated

This exercise aims to work on your upper back muscles and trapezius. Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair as you start this exercise. Ensure that your head is stacked above your ribs and the rib above the pelvis joint.

Clasp your hands and try to bring both palms towards the backside of your head. Gently, start to press both your hands down as you move towards your thighs and tuck the chin into the chest part. Hold in that position for at least thirty seconds or do diaphragmatic breaths in and out 5-8 times.

5. Shoulder Shrugs

Start this exercise when looking straight ahead. Slowly start to raise your shoulders. Hold on to that position for five seconds and then return to the starting point position. Repeat the same performance ten times

This exercise is good during workout routines, especially for those who usually keep their head position for extended periods when working on their computer desk. It would be best to perform this exercise after every half an hour of sitting to avoid developing neck strain.

6. Resistance Presses

When performing this exercise, ensure that your head is in a neutral position for the entire duration of the practice. Apply some pressure to your head in that position for about 5 seconds, and then relax.

 Flex on when placing your hand at the forehead and extension when placing your hand at the back of the head.

When you begin to show symptoms of neck pain to get proper treatment before the pain takes over your life. Call the office number or schedule an online appointment to speak to a doctor about your condition. You will be assisted towards the path of recovering from the long term pain.