Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Using Soberlink, you can keep tabs on how much alcohol you’re consuming. Only alcohol usage can be detected by this breathalyzer. So it may aid those who are trying to overcome alcoholism or an addiction to alcohol (AUD). Addiction specialists and loved ones may keep tabs on the progress of a loved one’s recovery with the help of Soberlink’s online platform. Face recognition software, hardware for detecting tampering, and real-time reporting are all included in Soberlink. 

The FDA has granted 501(k) clearance to this monitoring system, indicating that it has been authorized by the agency. Inconsistencies in human breath will be flagged by the integrated tamper detecting technology. Face recognition software also adjusts to minor changes in appearance. The gadget will capture a photo of the user to authenticate their identification when they submit a test.

It takes less than an hour for a participant to be up and running with Soberlink after receiving a device. Make an appointment to speak with a representative from More Than Recovery about the specifics of your situation. Agreements will soon follow, and you must sign and return them. Soberlink will call both parties to go through their monitoring agreements and how to utilize it. You can also read Soberlink Reviews here.

If you’re simply being monitored for parenting time, you’ll need to know how many months of monitoring there will be, how many tests there will be every day, and your parenting schedule before you begin. Schedule a phone consultation with us if you’re unsure of how many months to expect your treatment to last or how many tests you’ll need each day.


Compared to some other machines, this one is a breeze to operate. In order to make use of Soberlink, you must first:

  • Press the power button first.
  • Using a mouthpiece, connect the gadget to your mouth.
  • Wait for the blue light to blink when you press the submit button.
  • When the camera asks you to blow for four seconds, do so and look into the camera.

When the gadget clicks, you should stop blowing.

The results of your test will be available to you within 60 seconds. Upon completion, the data will be instantly posted to a secure web site. When use the Soberlink, be careful to only utilize the included mouthpiece. Make sure you don’t have anything covering your face, such as sunglasses or a hat, to aid with facial recognition.

The Advantages of Soberlink

Soberlink has a number of distinct benefits over other alcohol monitoring systems and tests. Some of the device’s advantages include:

  • Results that are updated in real time. Recovery professionals, family members and friends of the alcoholic may obtain real-time results to assess how the alcoholic is progressing.
  • Reporting that is more advanced. Soberlink’s reporting rules and report content may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.
  • Identity verification via the use of face recognition technology. Facial recognition software is used to verify your identification, making this testing instrument difficult to rig. No one else in your family or circle of friends can take your place.
  • Wireless connection. There are two devices available for use with Soberlink. Cellular (all-in-one) and Bluetooth devices are also available.
  • Confidentiality and discretion. When submitting an exam, many alcoholics may feel a great deal of pressure. There is a risk that the outcomes may be seen as a reflection of their character. Using Soberlink may alleviate a great deal of stress by allowing you to test for the presence of alcohol in an unobtrusive manner.
  • Convenience. The gadget and all of its parts are packaged together in a single tiny kit for ease of transport. With this package, you don’t have to leave home without it. One may be kept in your purse or even your vehicle for easy access.
  • Customer service and regulatory compliance are both handled by the same staff. It’s easy to receive assistance from Soberlink’s customer service staff if you ever come across issues while utilizing the service.
  • In comparison to other alcohol monitoring gadgets and systems, Soberlink has a number of distinct benefits. Since its creation, this gadget has proven to be an invaluable resource for those in sobriety as well as addiction specialists. In addition to family law and criminal law matters, this gadget may be employed.