Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Alpha GPC (Alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine) is a natural choline compound found in the human brain. People around the world are becoming more and more health aware and further concerned with the proper effective functioning of their brain. If there is any disruption in the central nervous system, it will affect another system also. Choline is one of the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain. It is akin to vitamins B. Foods like fish, muscle meats, nuts, spinach, liver, peas, wheat grams, and eggs are enriched with choline. But there are other ways to supplement choline for the proper functioning of your nervous system. The two of the most popular compound enriched with choline are Citicoline and Alpha GPC.

Rejuvenates nervous system

Alpha GPC (Alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine), similar to Citicoline, has neuro-protective characteristics. That is, this compound helps to retrieve, protection, and rejuvenation the nervous system. This compound works fast and delivers choline in the brain and enhances the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine (Ach) is an organic compound that acts as a neurotransmitter in many animals and humans. Neurotransmitters are internal chemical which enables neurotransmission.  It is one of the most important neurotransmitters found both in the central nervous system (CNS) and in the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Acetylcholine improves your memory power and activates the learning process. It causes the muscle to contract, activate pain response, regulates the secretion of endocrine and REM sleep functions. Foods like eggs, meat, fish, and whole-grain contains acetylcholine.


  • Nootropic choline improves brain function and cognitive activities. It improves your thinking process, understanding, and perceiving. It enhances the mind and muscle power of your brain. Many users around the world gave testimony that this drug effectively increased the users’ brainpower. After six days of consumption of this drug, studies revealed it increases lower body force function. Sportspersons can add it in their diet to increase speed and muscle strength for better performance. It is also evidence it increases the production of HGH (human growth hormone). When exercise is accompanied by this diet supplement, it will activate better motivation, mood and muscle gain and strength.
  • Cognitively, it improves your memory retention and recalls power. It increases your duration and intensity of attention and speed of thoughts. These are the main reasons why so many people use it as a nootropic. This drug is able to initiate choline in the body at a fast rate.
  • When you take it in a prescribed dose, the chance of side effects are minimal. Even after prolonged exposure to this drug, no side effects have been recorded. On rare occasions, the user may experience headaches, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, and minor skin rashes. Only 1% of the user experienced side effects, recorded in a study of Alzheimer’s testing, where patients were given 1500mg per day for months. In human studies, it has been proven this drug has on sleep patterns. You can be sure it does not cause sleepless nights.
  • The main difference between CDP choline and alpha GPC lies in bioavailability. The former contains 18% choline, and the latter contains 40% choline and crosses the blood-brain barrier with ease.