Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Have you ever looked at an anti-aging advertisement and wondered about how all of this works out in reality and whether it is truly beneficial? So today, we are going to state some essential facts and bust myths related to anti-aging products and treatments.

Right from serums to creams and lotions, there is a huge market for anti-aging products that do not shy away from making claims of all sorts. Some offer eternal beauty while others have youthful rejuvenation available. It is easy to get influenced and misled by false advertisements and at the same time quite difficult to find out the genuine and actionable claims.

So here are some important facts, and busted myths to look at:

1) Expensive products are better for your skin.

Not necessarily. When it comes to skin care, the result of using any product depends on what suits your skin well which means that it might benefit well from moderately priced creams too. Go for something that suits your skin type. Consult a skin doctor and get the right products for yourself.

2) Antioxidants and products containing them help in fighting skin aging.

Yes, that’s true. Antioxidant products have all the right ingredients that will help heal and repair your skin. Right from free radical damage to UV damage and side effects of pollution on skin, all these can be avoided with the use of antioxidant creams and serums. Finding the cream with the desired concentration of antioxidants as per your skin requirement is what you should focus on.

3) Botox and skin treatments are bad for your skin.

This is a common myth when it comes to people’s perception about the usage of botox fillers. One needs to get the right consultation about such things from cosmeticians, check out all the other treatment options available and then go for the most suitable option. Other skin treatment options include Fotono 3D & 4D skin tightening, fractional resurfacing laser treatments, photo-rejuvenation, etc. For expert advice and consultation, you can get in touch with Clinique anti-aging and find the best treatment for you.

It is important to realize that skin care is more like a daily habit, something that you should do on a regular basis. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin is a healthy way of looking after it and when aging occurs you must deal with it accordingly.

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