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Have you been experiencing chronic pain in your toe for a long time now? If so, it might be due to hammertoes. Hammertoes are the result of one or more joints in the foot being bent and can cause severe pain and inflammation. This article will explore what to expect from hammer toe surgery chicago il and provide insight on how it works!

What is a Hammer Toe and What Causes It?

You have probably heard of hammertoes and what they can do to your feet. Hammertoe is a deformity in the foot that causes one or more joints in the toes to bend, which leads to inflammation and pain on top of pain at night due to rubbing against bedsheets upon restful sleep. The curvature occurs when pressure from shoes or other external factors causes the toe muscles and tendons to become shortened, pulling the toes into an unnatural position.

There are numerous causes of hammertoe, but some of the most common causes include wearing shoes that are too tight or short in the toe box, having high arches or a flat foot, being overweight, age, and hereditary factors.

What Can You Expect from Hammer Toe Surgery?

If you are wondering what are the best treatment options for hammertoe pain? Then luckily, hammertoe surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can help alleviate pain and restore function to the toe. The surgery involves making an incision in the affected area and releasing the tendon that’s been pulled tight. It will allow the toe to be straightened out and reduce inflammation. In some cases, screws or plates may be used to keep the toe in place.

Most people who undergo hammertoe surgery can expect a quick recovery time and relief from pain. However, following your doctor’s post-operative instructions is important to ensure proper healing. You will likely be required to wear a compression bandage or sock for several weeks following surgery.

How to Prepare for Hammer Toe Surgery?

If you are considering surgery for hammertoe in Marietta, you can do a few things to prepare. First, make sure to schedule a consultation with your doctor so they can assess the severity of your condition and determine if surgery is the best option for you. Once you have been cleared for surgery, start by making some lifestyle changes, such as wearing shoes with a wider toe box and going for walks every day to help reduce the severity of your hammertoes.

To Conclude

If you are suffering from hammertoe and have had enough of the pain, surgery may be a good option for you. Be sure to schedule a consultation with your doctor to see if this is the best treatment for you!