Friday, December 8, 2023
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Tattoos may be a fantastic way to express ourselves; however, tattoo remorse sets in as our lives go. Pico Laser, the most sophisticated laser procedure for effective and safe tattoo removal, may help you get rid of undesired inks and pigment. The Pico Laser is more efficient than any other laser in removing undesired ink, including problematic ink colors like green and blue, and also previously treated tattoos. Pico Laser’s breakthrough picosecond technology allows for fewer sessions, quicker recovery, and better outcomes.

A lot of aesthetic clinics in Singapore have enhanced Pico Laser technology to incorporate the breakthrough 532 picosecond wavelength, making the Pico Laser procedures the finest on the market for eliminating difficult-to-remove black, yellow, and red inks.

Tattoo Removal with the Pico Laser allows for:

  • There will be less soreness
  • There is no burning or scarring
  • Colors of all kinds
  • Guaranteed complete tattoo removal in half the time it takes with any other laser!

Is Your Tattoo Holding You Back?

A lot of people are discovering that their tattoos are causing them problems in their careers or social lives. It’s possible that you’ve just outgrown the tattoo. Whatever the cause, Pico Laser can safely and cost-effectively erase tattoos.

While Pico Laser treatments are more expensive than conventional Q-switched laser treatment, the Pico laser covers every ink color in a single session. It can erase tattoos quicker than some other laser while causing minimum skin injury. Tattoos are erased using Pico Laser in fewer sessions, with less pain and reduced overall expenses.

How Does The Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The Pico Laser is the most up-to-date tattoo removal equipment available. The laser light is directed at the tattoo, specifically targeting the pigment and smashing it into little fragments. Natural mechanisms in the body lighten the tattoo by removing these microscopic ink particles.

What Type Of Tattoos Can Be Removed?

The Pico Laser could eradicate all color tattoos. New tattoos would lighten longer, and older tattoos take faster. With Pico Laser technology, you can effectively eliminate hard ink colors such as blue and green or previously treated tattoos.

How Long Between Treatments, And Why Do I Have To Wait?

We often try to set up arrangements at least six weeks apart to give your skin time to heal and recover from the previous treatment.

How Many Sessions Will I Need To Remove My Tattoo?

Every tattoo is unique, and every skin is different and has various ink depths, volumes, and colors. No one could predict precisely how many sessions are needed. A few tattoo ink colors contain titanium resist removal and might need a lot more sessions before a visible difference is seen. Fortunately, most tattoos fade easily and quickly.

Using the Pico Laser technology, you’ll notice greater results in fewer treatments. During the initial consultation, you’ll complete medical history, and the cosmetic doctor will ask certain questions regarding the tattoo.

Will I See Results After The First Pico Laser Treatment?

Each tattoo and patient responds in a different way. Usually, you might see a significant difference after a single treatment based on the tattoo’s age. Newer tattoos would probably need more treatments to notice the ink lighten.

What are the Pre- and Post-Care Limitations?

We suggest that patients avoid their tattoos exposed to the sun for one to two days before treatment. After the procedure, we request patients to avoid physical activities for one to two days to avoid damaging and irritating the skin being treated. After that, patients could resume their daily routine but avoid extreme sun exposure until the site is fully healed.