Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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There are a range of professional methods to make your teeth look dazzling white. The teeth whitening methods are effective however some aren’t safe. Hence, people are seeking natural organic ways to keep their teeth sparkling always.

Today, many high-quality cosmetic product makers manufacture products to whiten teeth by using natural ingredients. These teeth whitening ingredients provide required results and are safe.

That is the reason behind the popularity of Euro White, UK based company. Their products are highly marketed worldwide because of their effectiveness and for easier application. Their UK teeth whitening strips are rated to be the most suitable method to retain the shining quality of teeth always.

Here are eatables that keep your teeth always looking pearly white:

  • Strawberries – Many people believe that they have natural staining elements however the fruits are best to whiten teeth. They contain malic acid that works like natural astringent, thus able to remove stains with ease. You just need to crush few strawberries and rub them on your teeth. After few minutes remove them by brushing the teeth.
  • Chew carrots, pineapples, oranges, apples and celery – They clean the stain by enhancing the formation of saliva, which is a natural cleanser of the mouth. It even succumbs to the microbes that cause bad breath. They don’t let the formation of plaque spoil your oral health.
  • Lemons and other citrus fruits – They do clean the stains and remove discoloration however can’t be used often as its acidic quality can affect the enamel.
  • Dairy products – Milk, cheese and yoghurt have lactic acid that helps to keep the teeth strong, eventually prevents tooth decay. The calcium and phosphorus in them help to enhance the strength of enamel, thus your teeth original beauty remains intact.  Hard cheese is great to whiten the teeth and cleaning unwanted microbes from the mouth.

There are some other easy to do methods followed by many people as they are effective and sure to remain long. One of the most commonly used one is crest teeth whitening strips. They are thin strips having whitening gel pasted on them. You just have to stick the strip on your teeth and leave it undisturbed for some minutes. You can continue to do the procedure for few weeks to gain better results.

Crest whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, glycerine, Carbomer 956 and many essential ingredients. All the elements work together to clean the deep dentin layer of your teeth. There are crest 3d white strips that clean your teeth, remove the stain and your enamel retains its original colour. The strips are mainly used to save time and money. It isn’t possible for everyone to visit a dental clinic often for removing stains on teeth. Thus, the strips prove to be the best alternative way.

Teeth discoloration can occur because of multiple reasons. You can use the strips and consume the right eatables to keep the teeth always looking healthy, clean and to have their sparkling white feature. Always remember that properly maintained teeth speak volumes about your health and encourages you to smile.