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A facelift procedure can be a life-altering experience and can enhance your overall appearance. The first step in having this procedure done is to ask for a referral or recommendation from your doctor, family, and friends. If you have a friend who has successfully undergone this procedure, ask him or her how it went and their impressions of the surgeon.

Administering anesthesia is the first step in a facelift procedure. Some surgeons use general anesthesia, while others use a combination of mild sedatives and light intravenous sedation, along with local anesthetic. It is essential to discuss the anesthesia option and your concerns with your surgeon. After the anesthesia, the surgeon will make the incision for the surgery. The surgeon uses care when positioning the incision to hide the incision from view.

The next step is pulling the skin outward to gain access to the underlying connective tissue. Then, the skin is repositioned and tightened. It is then put in the new area with sutures or tissue glue. Once the tightening of underlying tissues is finalyzed, the excess skin is snipped away. Incisions are secured. This is done by using staples, fine sutures, and more tissue glue. Most importantly, this will close the incisions and promote healing of the skin.

Healing is the next step in the facelift procedure. The incision sites are concealed with sterile surgical gauze. The bandages will stay in place for one to two days. About one week later, the sutures are unfastened, and healing of the incisions is visibly complete in two to three weeks.

After surgery, you will be given pain medication from your surgeon. He or she will instruct you to keep your head elevated when lying down and to avoid any strenuous activity. Some bruising and swelling will occur, but cold compresses help to minimize the swelling. Advantages of having a facelift are having a tightened and redefined neck, minus wrinkles, no more loose jowls, a tightening of sagging skin, no more deep creases, and looking great.

Tips on finding the right cosmetic surgeon are making sure that he is board certified and ensuring that the surgeon has experience in the specific procedure you want. Most importantly, ensure that the surgeon has an aesthetic sense that appeals to you. Look at before and after photos. Ask yourself if the results appeal to you.

Also, see how the surgeon and staff make you feel. You want to feel comfortable with the surgeon and the team. It is also essential to find out about the operating facility. An accredited operating room should have critical life support systems should anything go wrong. Of course, ask about the cost of the procedure.

To conclude, a facelift procedure can be a life-altering experience and can enhance your overall appearance. Talk to your doctor soon and ask for a referral. Also, talk to family and friends and find out more. With the many advantages of having a facelift procedure, it just makes sense to check it out for yourself.

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