Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Many people are still oblivion of what are meant by Physical therapies and what does a physical therapist does. To begin with, it is a service that are offered almost across all clinics in the country. In this article, we have provided an elaborated explanation of what are included in physical therapy services and how they are beneficial for people.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can be primarily defined as a customized treatment for a patient’s need and requirement. Besides, it is commonly applied for treating physical dysfunctions, thereby preventing further distortions or deterioration in any part of the body caused due to disease, injury, or aging.

Different Types of Physical therapy services

There are different types of Physical Therapy programs that are supervised and offered by licensed physical therapists. The programs may also include weight loss supervision, functional re-training, and strengthening or conditioning one’s core strength.

Some of the physical therapy services offered by physical therapist include:

  • Assisting and teaching patients motor skills
  • Helping them to get out of bed and sit on a chair
  • Offer assistance in healing injuries by building their physical movement
  • Re-training patients on how to write
  • Recover from injuries, limb fracture
  • Walk with crutches or prosthetics

What are the functions of a physical therapist?

A professional physical therapist offers complete assistance in performing tasks and recovering from injuries caused due to disease, illness, accidents, or age. However, a good physical therapist must primarily begin with studying the patient’s complete history and thereby evaluate what type of service will suit them the best.

Besides, it should include an accurate analysis of certain functions to evaluate the problem. It includes:

  • Muscle Strength
  • Neurological Tests
  • Postural Screening
  • Balance and Flexibility
  • Coordination Tests
  • Movement Analysis
  • Joint Motion

Furthermore, they can also conduct other measurements specific to the condition to ensure the patient is offered accurate and proper therapy to treat their problems.

Physical therapy is one of the most common services opted by people when assisting people with injuries to get back to normal and carry on their activities without trouble and hassle-free.