Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Are you trying to get your life in order? Does your fitness need a quick jolt to get it back up and moving? Yoga and meditation are two the best ways to get yourself back into the rhythm of life. The key is to be consistent with your practice so that you are continuously honing your craft. Meditating has been scientifically proven over the years to be the solution for clearing the mind and improving both mental and physical health. Glo is the best place to get started on improving your life in these two activities.

What is Glo?

Glo is an online membership site that some like to call their go-to meditation app because of the variety of classes they provide on meditation. With one monthly membership fee, you get access to dozens of hundreds of classes. You get to learn from some of the most knowledgeable experts in this industry under one roof. No need to run over to a masterclass or workshop across the country. You get all of this information in one spot online making it easy and fast for you.

Why Is Glo The Perfect Meditation App?

Using just about any meditation app can be helpful for diving in to your practice, but Glo is the best one because of the countless videos and programs they have. They have a variety of instructors that come together to showcase their different ideas and tricks for you to use in your meditation practice. There is more to meditating than just closing your eyes. Different music, ideas, and techniques can revolutionize how you meditate. Glo provides you with such a wide array of programs and classes to try. They have a FREE trial for you to use to get started and see for yourself if this works for you. You can also download some classes onto your phone so that you can access them whenever you please.

Classes You Need To Try On This Meditation App

  • Balance Your Heart and Mind

This meditation practice is taught by Kia Miller, and she teaches you a very unique breathing technique and internal mantra that can lead you to fullness and balance. It’s such a great new video to add in to your practice because it has a strong focus on your mind and heart to stabilize and find its balance.

  • Finding Peace

Finding Peace is taught by MC YOGI, and he brings you to a unique practice meant to help you find your peace and calm center. You will discover how to settle in to your core and inner space to find peace, love, and relaxation. This meditation will help you feel supported and calm.

  • Simply Savasana

Taylor Harkness brings you a specialized new class that will help you dive right in to your body to find your peace and inner joy. It’s a guided body meditation as you lay in Savasana pose to help you slow down and ease into your ground. Prepare to be brought to a state of pure bliss, joy, and relaxation. If you want to go deeper into your mind and body, Taylor has got just the right class for you.

Glo is such a powerful resource to have. It opens the door to gaining new insight and knowledge on both meditation and Yoga. Using their wide variety of options will open the door for you to grow in your practice, add new ideas to your regimen, and start on new programs that could lead you to improving your work ethic. Glo provides a wide range of classes so you never stop learning new things.