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Kidneys are perhaps the most fundamental organ needed for the proper working of the body. The kidneys filter blood to eliminate waste, keep the correct degrees of electrolytes and remove impurities like unnecessary fluids from our body. In addition, they discharge toxins and waste into our bladder for removal through the urinary parcel. However, for specific reasons, if our body can’t do this, natural minerals begin to form, otherwise called kidney stones. 

Little kidney stones can be relieved effectively whenever analyzed in the underlying stages. The absence of water in our body, the high amount of acid formation in the urine, urinary tract diseases, and so on are a portion of the purposes behind developing kidney stones. The busy 9-5 lifestyle that the majority of the population worldwide is leading is decreasing the consumption of water by the body. Adding to it, hard water in urban areas results in the formation of kidney stones. 

What Are the Key Causes of Kidney Stones?

Like other diseases, a poor eating routine is the primary source of kidney stone development. While hereditary qualities and ecological components can assume a part, diet is the most straightforward thing you can change. 

In particular, soft drinks and sweetened beverages are significant offenders behind the reasons for kidney stones. The reason being soft drinks are loaded up with harmful synthetic compounds, including significant degrees of phosphoric acid, bleached sugar, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. All such things are not good for the body and particularly harsh for the entire urinary system.

These beverages cause kidney stones because of the excellent fructose corn syrup that utilizes oxalate and expands uric acid and calcium discharge. This mixture energizes kidney stone development at a higher rate than ordinary. In addition, the phosphoric acid in soft drinks can establish an acidic climate in the kidney tract, prompting more kidney stones. Diets high in sodium are also responsible for this condition. The measure of calcium in the urine adds to kidney stones and should subsequently be decreased in the daily diet.

Eat a good and healthy diet for ideal urological wellbeing that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Staying away from packaged food varieties is a great way to avoid such health issues. While drinking enough water is the most ordinary answer for keeping away from kidney stones and aiding them to pass, natural honey is an excellent home remedy to fasten the process of stone removal and help alleviate the pain.

Is Honey Actually Beneficial in Removing Kidney Stones?

Honey comes with excellent nutritional properties that can help protect kidney health. Even though it is sweet in taste, eating in moderation does not spike up blood glucose levels, thereby protecting the kidneys from the future occurrence of diabetic kidney disease. 

Kidney stones are formed because of different minerals like calcium, uric acid, or struvite. It may get large enough in measure and not be able to go through the ureter (the cylinders that pass the urine through to the bladder from the kidneys). 

An individual experiencing a kidney stone may encounter massive pain as it impedes the smooth progression of urine to the bladder. Honey neither possesses any proven health benefits nor is it harmful to the body in any way.

Since honey is a characteristic and natural substance, its utilization is safe for kidney stone patients. However, for an individual with diabetic nephropathy, the use of honey should be done in moderation.

How to Use Honey?

Warm Water:

While finding out the kidney stone remedy, warm water is the best! Take a glass full of warm water and mix one teaspoon full of honey. Consume this twice a day for the most precise results.

Honey & Baking Soda:

The combination of baking soda and honey is an excellent natural remedy to ask the full advantages of the cure. Take a glass of water and add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and a good amount of honey. Devour this for a few days to gain beneficial results. 

Lemon Juice and Honey: 

The combination of lemon juice and honey is probably the best mixture. Honey and lemon have numerous medical advantages, which makes them a successful solution for different medical problems. Lemon is rich in citrate, which assists in fighting off the kidney stones in the body. In addition, lemon juice builds urine citrate, which can assist with forestalling kidney stones. Drinking 5 to 6 glasses of lemon juice with a couple of spoons of honey can break down stones rapidly and alleviate pain.

The remedies listed above are not meant to replace medical care entirely. Such natural home remedies using the worlds best honey are beneficial in easing the pain caused by kidney stones and fastening the removal process. Staying hydrated and following a healthy diet routine can be an effective tool in managing the condition. Because of the unique individual needs, it is suggested to consult the physician for proper treatment.