Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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When someone starts working, you start taking a close look at the expenses incurred when compared to the salary drawn at the end of the month. You try your level best to clear all the credit card dues at the earliest so that you do not have to pay the interest. You find ways to minimize your expenses and maximize your savings and this is irrespective of whether you are doing a job or running a business.

Sometimes in the process of making money, we do not give much priority to our health. Health is often mistaken as the external physique but it has a lot to do with the mind as well. Many times, people forget to consume water on a timely basis thinking that it is ok to do so and it would not have an impact on the health. Well, the human body comprises 60% water hence, timely consumption of water is extremely important else it might cause dehydration.

You might have come across many scenarios where people order water from vendors who bring the water in so-called water purifier jar or water jar. The jar is not at all economical and you are also not aware of the purity of the water inside the jar. There have been cases in major metro cities where the seal of the jar was broken and tap water was filled inside the jars. You know that water from taps is not safe for direct consumption. What should you do so that you are assured that the water being consumed is pure and it also does not blow a hole in your pocket☺.

You should opt for a water purifier so that you can consume purified water at regular intervals and keep the body hydrated. Owning an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier can be costly since the purifier will also require regular maintenance. What if you can rent a RO water purifier instead of owning the purifier? Renting an RO water purifier is ideal for bachelors who are staying with their friends. It is also suited for someone who is on an official visit for a couple of months and can rent the majority of the things required in a house!

Instead of RO water purifier, you can opt for water filters but water filters are not instrumental in purifying the water completely. The question is not about which one is better; it is about why you should own something when you know that there is a recurring cost associated with the item. When you rent a RO water purifier from LivPure Smart, you only pay for the amount of water that is being consumed. There are zero installation charges and zero maintenance charges since you do not own the purifier.

The service of LivPure Smart is from LivPure which is a well-known brand when it comes to water purification technology. This model is best suited for today’s generation that does not believe in owning something that has depreciating financial benefits.

Renting an RO water purifier from LivPure Smart is economical as it has different plans and customers can seamlessly switch between different plans. The only differentiating factor in each plan is the amount of water that you can consume under that plan. As per their studies, you can save close to Rs. 9,000~Rs. 15,000 per year when compared to ordering water purifier jar.

There are four different plans

  • Silver Plan – Starts at Rs. 350
  • Gold Plan – Starts at Rs. 450
  • Platinum Plan – Starts at Rs. 550
  • Titanium Plan – Starts at Rs. 650

What if your parents visit your place and you see the possibility that your plan is not good enough to fulfill your requirements. Well, you can easily switch plans (either up or down) based on your needs. How can you forget seamless connectivity when you have a product that is meant for the smart generation☺. Customers can check the status of the purifier using a mobile app that is powered by HEKA. The mobile app enables you to monitor the water consumption including its purity.

It also helps you to check the functional status of the RO water purifier so that you can contact their customer service if there are any issues with the RO water purifier. The technical team from LivPure Smart assists and ensures that the purifier goes through maintenance at timely intervals.


Timely water consumption is important to keep the body in shape else you might feel de-hydrated. Rather than owning an RO water purifier, people can rent an RO water purifier from LivPure Smart as it is economical and you can also enjoy the benefits of consuming pure drinking water!