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Collagen remains to be one of the most vital components in your body. Notably, this form of protein is responsible for maintaining your body’s structure and figure by binding the cells. However, as you age, your body starts reducing the collagen they produce, weakening the cell components. Consequently, your skin will lose elasticity, making it start sagging and increasing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. With this skin deformation, you cannot comfortably express your emotions, which may reduce your confidence. If you experience such aging signs, you should not worry since microneedling Southlake can help to trigger collagen production in your body, thus reducing those deformities. Let us go through the following 5 facts that you should know about micro-needling

It Is Effective in Different Kinds of Skin

Anyone needing to improve their skin complexion can find a reliable remedy through this procedure. It is suitable for light-skinned and dark-skinned individuals of all ages, irrespective of the pigmentation concerns on their skin. Therefore, you have no excuse for pursuing microneedling to boost your skin’s attractiveness.

Microneedling Is Not Limited to Face

The fact that many people seek the microneedling procedure to improve their facial appearance has left some thinking that the procedure cannot benefit other body parts. Nevertheless, the truth is that you can undergo microneedling to alleviate scars or stretch marks in any part of the skin, such as the hands.

You Can Use the Microneedling Alongside the Skin Care Products

Sometimes, skin care products such as serums may not seep effectively into your skin, implying that you will not reap the full benefits. However, seeking microneedling can help boost the absorption of topical products, thus maximizing their effectiveness. Essentially, the microneedling helps create many invisible holes where the serum easily gets into your skin, unlike in the case of clogged skin pores.

The Microneedling Provider Matters

With the information floating online, you could be tempted to choose from different microneedling devices. However, it is always good to remember that the procedure involves piercing your skin, so you should take caution for your safety. For better results and safety, you should get the microneedling procedure from professionals.

The Treatment Is Comfortable

Many people are reluctant to explore microneedling for fear of injections claiming that it is a painful procedure which is not the case. The specialist uses fine needles with minimal discomfort on your skin. They can also apply the numbing cream on the target area before puncturing your skin to ease any discomfort from the procedure.

Aging signs remain one of the prevalent skin concerns in modern days. The victims no longer have shiny skin tones, which lowers their self-esteem and confidence. However, through the microneedling procedure, you do not have to let the wrinkles and facial lines continue impairing your attractiveness. The team of skilled professionals at Serendipity Med Spa conducts microneedling for patients with age signs to reclaim their younger looks. Schedule an online consultation or call their office in Southlake, Texas, for more inquiries.