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The skin is the largest body organ and protects your inner body tissues and organs. Proper skin care is critical to keeping your skin healthy and preventing health issues and complications. Skin cancer is among the most common skin health problems affecting 1 in every 5 Americans. Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing when out in the sun can help lower your risk of skin cancer, among other skin health concerns. Sanford Dermatology offers comprehensive dermatological care to preserve skin health and restore your appearance. They offer the following services.


Most people have developed acne at some point in their lives. Acne breakout is common during puberty, but you can also encounter it in adulthood. It includes pimples and bumps that appear on your face.

Acne may occur due to various reasons, including hormones, excessive oil production, certain medications, and a family history of acne. Your skin pores may also clog up due to oil buildup in your skin, leading to acne breakouts.

You must book a consultation with a dermatologist if your acne is not improving, and causes painful lumps or scars. Acne may also interfere with your appearance, causing low self-esteem.

Luckily, there are effective treatment options for acne, such as chemical peels, laser therapy, oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and topical medications.


They are small sacs containing fluid, pus, or bacteria. When not treated, cysts can become painful or develop infections. They may form in any part of your body and usually appear as lumps on your skin.

Cysts may occur due to ingrown hairs, blocked oil glands, trauma around a hair follicle, or accumulation of protein in your hair follicle. Please seek medical attention when you notice lumps on your skin.


It is a skin irritation causing itchiness. It may be a warning sign of a skin problem or an allergic reaction. Ensure to go for a medical evaluation to prevent any severe issues.

A rash may occur on any body part, depending on the cause. It may occur due to allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases, insect bites, or stings. You may also develop a rash after sweating or from heat exposure.

You can treat a rash using medications, anti-itch creams, allergy shots, skin moisturizers, and topical corticosteroids.


It is a painful skin disease affecting about 7.5 million Americans. Psoriasis causes rapid production of skin cells, leading to dry, flaky patches of skin. It may occur due to obesity, stress, or excessive alcohol consumption.

It occurs in different types, including inverse psoriasis, guttate, pustular, and erythrodermic psoriasis. Your provider offers treatments depending on the specific type of psoriasis you have.

Skin cancer

It is a leading cause of death worldwide. Skin cancer occurs due to ultraviolet exposure from the sun or tanning booths. You may also develop skin cancer if you have a light skin tone and have a family history of skin cancer or sunburns.

Moles in your skin may also increase your risk of skin cancer. When discovered early, there are effective treatments, such as Mohs surgery or freezing with liquid nitrogen.

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