Friday, April 19, 2024
Banner Top formerly Mercury news, was a daily newspaper published in California. It became the fifth largest, newspaper in the United States. This newspaper was first published in 1851 and became quite famous in a few years. This news covered many of the key events in the history of computing and was a Pioneer in the delivery of news online. It was the first American newspaper to be published in three languages that are English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

It’s years of success

Mercury News is the first daily newspaper in United State. It gained success in a few years of its operation. The main reason for this was it is a daily newspaper and it became the first magazine in the US to become online. The published morning was available on every side for Android and IOS apps and Kindle.

It became the first daily newspaper in us to have an online appearance and deliver full content breaking news online.

This site comes with a subscription and shows news on only one strike to their app or sites. For making their subscriptions convenient for others this topic sends this to every subscriber. Eventually, their service features a large amount of content and became available at every corner started subscribing to them. They became the highest subscribed news in a few years.

Initially, the service had difficulties attracting users the way they promoted themselves was commendable adding many subscribers only via promoting the paper via telephone and fax. This was done in 1993, from there was no turning back for Mercury news.

In its few years, it became the country’s first news website with a large number of subscribers. It also promoted the upcoming series on its platform and published reporting and supporting material online simultaneously with the print edition.


The newspaper has earned several awards for two Pulitzer prizes, 1 in 1986 for reporting political corruption and the other in 1990 for its comprehensive coverage of the 1989 earthquake. Apart from this, have been nominated for the Pulitzer award in 2004 but couldn’t win at that time.

There are many other awards that they have apart from this. In 2007 the newspaper won the Missouri lifestyle journalism award for general excellence.

Therefore Mercury news has become very famous in these many years. Mercury News has been successful in these years of great news coverage. It has various news on its site that is real-time news. Even there are various sections on their site like health, lifestyle, entertainment, and others.