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Translating from childhood to young adulthood is accompanied by several changes, such as the eruption of the last four permanent (wisdom) teeth. Even though these teeth are essential to your oral work, like chewing, they are usually associated with various complications. Significant population with erupting Wisdom Teeth Jasper has experienced certain problems, including pain and teeth shifting or tilting. There are several common wisdom teeth complications you may not have heard of. Keep reading this article to learn more about these common problems of impacted wisdom teeth.   

  1. Pain

Pain is a widespread concern for impacted wisdom teeth that should be extracted. Usually, the impacted wisdom cannot rearrange itself into its original position. They continue to grow incorrectly, leading to other complications and pain. Furthermore, impacted teeth can contribute to the temporomandibular joint hurting. If untreated, the pain will persist, meaning you need to contact your dentist immediately.

  1. Dental Cysts

Even though rare, dental cysts are still common concerns connected to impacted wisdom teeth. Cysts can be painful, but they usually cause great irritation. The fluid filling the cyst can destroy your jawbone and nerves near the teeth. Besides, cysts can develop into benign tumors. These problems require invasive surgery consisting of the removal of tissue and bone.

  1. Tooth Decay

Cleaning erupted wisdom teeth can be difficult because they are far back in your mouth. Nevertheless, failure to clean these teeth increases the likelihood of developing plaque and bacteria that can lead to decay. Unlike other teeth, which can be corrected using the crown, filling, or root canal to eliminate decay, removing the teeth altogether might be the significant solution to solve the issue.

  1. Food Entrapment

Food entrapment occurs when pseudo pockets spaces develop between the teeth and gum. These spaces can cause painful gum swelling and trap food inside them. As a result, the trapped food components can inflame your gum and cause abscess or infection. You should consult your dentist when the molar teeth start erupting for checkups to minimize the likelihood of these complications.

  1. Shifting of the Nearby Teeth

In most instances, most third molars erupt at a certain angle or horizontal where they push the other teeth. Constant pressure on the teeth can cause shifting or become crooked. You should consider this process, particularly if you have invested time and money in Invisalign and braces. The pressure caused by the third molar on the nearby tooth can also damage the second molar increasing the risk of infection.

  1. Infection

Wisdom teeth can get infected as it breaks the skin to erupt partially. This process, in turn, puts the area at risk of bacteria, causing swelling from pericoronitis. Some common symptoms of pericoronitis include jaw, face, tooth pain, trouble chewing, bad taste, fever, and bad breath. The condition can be severe, particularly if you have a weak immune system.

If your wisdom teeth are erupting, you should be cautious about common complications. Luckily, do not worry because a dentist can help you prevent these complications. Consider Advanced Dental Care of East Texas in Jasper, Texas, for comprehensive treatment. At the clinic, Eric R Koch and his team offer painless wisdom teeth removal to all teenagers and adults. Call the Jasper office or use their online booking tool to request an appointment today.