Friday, April 19, 2024
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Millions of Americans still suffer tooth loss despite the many improvements in dental care. Missing teeth significantly alter your appearance and may affect your self-esteem. You may also have problems eating some foods and pronouncing certain words. Fortunately, when it comes to teeth replacement options, you have a number to choose from. Below are some of the reasons why Dr. Francisco Rodriguez recommends dental implants.

Prevents bone loss

Jawbone stimulation is essential to prevent loss of bone mass. This is achieved through the pressure your teeth’ roots apply to the jaw as you chew. But when you lose teeth, you also tend to lose bone mass in your jaw due to lack of stimulation. Other tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges only replace the crown and not the roots of your teeth. Dental Implants are the only option that restores jawbone stimulation, preventing bone loss.

Restores bite force

Dental implants are embedded into your jaw and become part of your mouth over time. After dental implant surgery, the bone fuses around the implant, securing it in place. As such, dental implants allow you to bite with more or less the force amount you would use with your natural teeth. Other tooth replacement options only sit in your gums; they are not anchored in place and therefore don’t restore nearly as much of your bite force. Eating becomes much easier with dental implants – you don’t have to worry about your teeth falling off.


As mentioned above, dental implants become part of your mouth with time. They fit perfectly in your jaw, unlike dentures which fit snugly in your mouth. Their solid foundation also prevents the possibility of slippage. If you’ve had dentures before, you understand how self-conscious one may get, especially when laughing, speaking, or eating in public. This is because dentures can visibly shift or slip in your mouth. But implants are firmly embedded in your jaw and will never embarrass you in public.

Better speech

Missing one or several teeth affects how you pronounce certain words. Additionally, replacement options like dentures impact your ability to pronounce words correctly. Dental implants feel and function like natural teeth, enabling you to speak quickly and naturally.

Improved confidence

People with missing teeth are often self-conscious and tend to hide their smiles. But dental implants restore the integrity of your smile, giving you more confidence each time you expose your teeth while speaking, smiling, or laughing. Your teeth are a significant part of your appearance; therefore, it is always essential that they are in their best state.

Easy to care for

After dental implant placement, you only need to observe daily oral hygiene practices like brushing twice daily and flossing. You don’t need to buy particular products to clean or care for your implants.

A permanent solution to tooth loss

Periodical repair or replacement is usually a part of having dentures and bridges. But dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, eliminating the need for subsequent dental visits.

Dental implants are a replacement option worth considering if you have a missing tooth. You can establish your eligibility for dental implants by consulting your dentist at Gentle Touch Dental PC.