Friday, April 19, 2024
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Many people seek massages to help them relax. However, the practice can do you more than just relax, especially when done by a qualified and skilled practitioner. Do not just go for a massage anywhere. Seek only experts like Dr. Shawn Taher to discover the maximum benefits that lie within. Massage involves moving your skin at moderate pressure, which calms and slows your nervous system. The nervous system slowing has multiple psychological benefits that contribute much to other health benefits. You can read further to understand more massage benefits you might not know.

Improved Sleep

Massage can help you sleep more soundly. Your provider can recommend massage if you are enduring sleep complications like insomnia. Remember that your sleep is more connected to your nervous system activity, which massage can improve. Your nervous system can read massage and lower its activities due to the minimal pressure applied. As a result, you get to sleep more deeply. And remember, better sleep comes with dozens of other health benefits.

Anxiety Reliever

Research has found that massage can significantly manage anxiety disorder symptoms. Anxiety often occurs due to increased sympathetic response in your body. Remember that your body has the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you cool down, and the sympathetic nervous system, which makes you frightened or worried. Massage increases the cooling effect by increasing the parasympathetic nervous response to counter your anxiety symptoms.

Fatigue Overcomer

Everyone has experienced fatigue, which can sometimes happen depending on your career. Work can completely drain you and make you feel like even taking a deep breath is tough. You might also experience fatigue due to some biological aspects. All in all, getting a massage can be an easy solution for you. Research should show that getting regular massages leads to a significant reduction in fatigue symptoms.

Focus Booster

Massage can help keep you focused and present.  Nervousness and anxiety can affect your focus by increasing your heart rate. You find that you cannot hold a meeting for ten minutes or focus on the task at hand. Fortunately, massage can lower your nervous system, reduce your heart rate, and become more attentive. The pressure applied during massage can stimulate vagal activity, which affects different parts of your body, including the heart.

Immunity Booster

Research has found that massage can increase your body’s white blood cells count. Noting that the blood components play a critical role in fighting off invaders in your body, you become more protected from diseases. Also, some research found that the immune function of those with HIV is improved through massage. Therefore, massage is a real deal in boosting your immunity, especially when done regularly.

Muscle Pain Reliever

Sore muscles can make your life miserable. Trying some physical activities can be tough, but you can get through massage. Remember that mild pressure is applied enough not to cause you more discomfort in your muscles. Massage can increase blood flow to your soft tissue and muscles, fastening healing and restoring muscle flexibility and strength. Simply put, massage works like how you feel better when you rub your elbow after knocking it.

Indeed, massage benefits cross through different aspects of your health. Talk to Body Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center specialists to learn more about the service. You can schedule a consultation appointment to learn if you can gain from the treatment.