Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Missing one or several teeth creates gaps in your smile, thus altering the quality of your smile. As a result, most people go beyond their comfort zone, looking for solutions to help fill the gaps. Usually, there are various dental solutions available, among them are dental implants. Therefore, no need to bear low self-esteem and confidence associated with missing teeth because dental implants are now available. Therefore, if you have missing teeth and are interested in trying Midtown implant dentistry to fix your smile, begin with understanding why they are important. Some of the common reasons why dental implants are essential are discussed below.

  1. Prevent shifting of remaining teeth

Generally, when you lose a tooth, a gap is created that might lead to bone loss. Therefore, due to normal oral pressures and stress, the remaining teeth close to the gap start shifting, causing misalignment of teeth. Your healthy and straight teeth start to slant and might become unstable. Of importance to note is that missing teeth can result in losing more teeth or bone loss in the future.

  1. It enables you to chew

One of the primary reasons people opt to get dental implants is to help fill the gaps of missing teeth to help you chew food properly. Similarly, chewing food correctly plays an essential role in helping you digest food better. Therefore, since food is well chewed, food is digested appropriately, thus efficiently absorbing nutrients to your body. Dental implants thus enable you to chew food the same way you would while using your natural teeth. You are also not restricted in the type of food to eat because dental implants work just like your natural teeth.

  1. Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

Other than providing health benefits, dental implants also improve your self-confidence and esteem by improving your physical outlook. You are not confident about your appearance and smile when you have missing teeth. The gaps in your smile make it hard for you to smile in public or when taking pictures because you are afraid of being judged by others. You might also experience challenges socializing with new people because you do not want them to see your abnormality. Dental implants also help improve your speech, unlike dentures that slip into your mouth, making you slur or mumble your words.

  1. Improves bone and facial

Usually, dental implants help preserve natural tooth tissue because they prevent the need to cut down nearby teeth for conventional bridgework. They also preserve the underlying bone tissue by reducing bone deterioration and resorption that causes loss of jawbone height. Since dental implants usually reduce the load or pressure exerted on the remaining teeth or oral structures, it helps restore the structure of your jawbone.

  1. High success rate

Dental implants usually offer a high success rate compared to other dental replacement options. And due to the current advancement in implant technology, the success rate of dental implants has also risen.

Since dental implants provide a long-term solution to missing teeth, it is worth trying. You can call Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, today and inquire whether dental implants provide the best solution to your concerns, especially if you have missing teeth. The doctor educates you on the pros and cons of dental implants to help you choose wisely.