Friday, December 8, 2023
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In an increasingly complex medical world, the need for having a family physician is hiking daily. Generally, nothing heart breaks like finding your loved one severely ill without any reliable source for help. As the name suggests, family medicine deals with the health welfare of your entire family ranging from newborns to the elderly. However, the practice isn’t limited to specific diseases or organs but integrates healthcare for your whole family. Integrated Family Medical Center in Lady Lake, Florida, is among the best family practices that provide an advanced approach for you and your loved ones. The good thing about family medicine is that it advocates for the detection, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of numerous health conditions. If conceptions have deterred you from setting for your family physician, here are five undeniable facts about family medicine.

1. Family medicine covers a wide array of illnesses

Unlike a general physician, your family doctor attends to all your health conditions. Your physician provides diagnosis, treatments, and constant care for your whole family. In chronic illnesses, they issue follow-ups and can perform surgical procedures if needed. Additionally, your family physician can advise on reproductive health issues and family planning cases.

2. Your family physician comprehends your medical history well

Settling for one medical specialist is crucial in that they understand your overall health condition and that of your loved ones. With this, they can quickly pinpoint any unusual symptoms and identify potential genetic health concerns. Moreover, since your family physician is acutely aware of your health condition, you can be issued preventive precautions to prevent worsening your health.

3. Family doctors stay with you throughout your life cycle

Your family doctor doesn’t only know you as an individual but also uniquely understands your entire medical history. For instance, your family physician can attend to your children from when they are toddlers to grownups. They can also provide support by referring you to the relevant specialists when you are going through situations out of their hands.

4. Family medicine incorporates preventive care

Other than treatment care, specialized family doctors can guide you in weight loss, stress management, reproductive health guidance, and nutritional counseling. Furthermore, because your doctor tracks your medical history, they can advise on foods to eat or avoid and habits to adopt to safeguard your health. If the need arises, your physician is also responsible for administering immunization and vaccination to your whole family at different stages in life.  

5. Family Medicine saves you money in the long run

Can you imagine tons of money you can spend when one or more members of your family are unwell? The case is different from family medicine. Physicians who are well experienced in dealing with numerous healthcare issues can keep you away from rushing to varying hospitals for treatments. Besides saving you money, family medicine saves you time.

Considering the dangers posed by emergency health issues and genetic medical conditions, your utmost priority should be to have a family physician in your closet. Thankfully, you don’t have to look any longer! Board-certified Dr. Kalpana Desai MD is a specialized family physician who provides compassionate and individualized care to all her patients. With a wealth of experience, she offers solutions to all your entire family’s healthcare needs.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of family medicine? Schedule your appointment with Dr. Desai and get started instantly!