Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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SMILE treatment for eyes has become popular as people are increasingly gaining awareness of its benefits. But still, there are many who have negative notions about laser eye procedures. From thinking it is painful to it can make you blind, the myths can go as far as one would like to believe. But the truth is far from it! SMILE treatment for eyes is one of the safest, effective, and technologically advanced procedures. Doctors recommend it to people with myopia or nearsightedness.  So let us understand why SMILE is the best surgery for vision correction.

What Is SMILE Procedure?

SMILE is a relatively new procedure yet highly advanced form of laser vision correction. It stands for “Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.” A visuMax femtosecond laser is used for making tiny lenticule(lens-shaped tissue) inside the cornea. Doctors use this cutting-edge procedure for treating myopia or nearsightedness in a less invasive manner, unlike LASIK. During the operation, the doctor uses computer-aided laser technology with traditional vision treatment techniques for greater accuracy. SMILE treatment for the eyes is a one-step procedure that usually lasts for 30 minutes or so. The FDA also approved SMILE in 2018, after which there has been no looking back.

Why SMILE Is The Best Surgery For Vision Correction?

SMILE treatment for eyes has given out the best results to patients, with almost 98.5% of them experiencing significant vision improvement and 93%  getting a clear vision. Here are a few reasons why it is the best laser eye correction surgery:

  • Minimally Invasive

In traditional eye procedures, a corneal flap is created in order for the laser to penetrate the cornea.  But in SMILE treatment for eyes, there is no flap creation; instead, a small incision is made within the cornea. This results in reduced trauma to the cornea, hence making it a less invasive procedure.

  • Safest Eye Procedure

During a SMILE procedure, an ophthalmologist uses a highly advanced computer-guided laser for creating an incision within the cornea. It is safer than traditional laser eye procedures. 

  • Zero To Little Pain

When it comes to eye treatments, most of us believe that it is going to be painful. However, SMILE treatment for eyes is essentially painless as anaesthetic drops are used for numbing the eye nerves. 

  • Quick Surgery 

SMILE treatment for the eyes is a quick procedure that usually takes 15-30 minutes of a patient’s time. The majority of the time is spent in prepping up the equipment, checking measurements, etc., whereas only a few seconds are spent operating the eyes.


It is natural to be apprehensive about any laser eye surgery. SMILE treatment for the eyes offers safety and precision without spending months on recovery. Indeed, it is the best surgery for vision correction equipped with the latest technology. Hence, do consult your doctor regarding SMILE treatment if you have nearsightedness.