Thursday, December 7, 2023
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COVID-19 virus is the only reason everything has been affected from 2020 up until now—Health, businesses, the economy, and even travelling.  Many people were disappointed due to the unexpected event in their life brought by the pandemic.

As time went by, COVID-19 was being resolved by the vaccination in each country to protect individuals’ bodies from the virus. Little by little, resolution to this pandemic or outbreak was determined that took almost two years, and until now, most countries are still recovering.

We have different reasons for travelling locally or abroad, but whatever your reason is, we must still follow the rules and be aware of the restrictions like having a covid test for travel. This is not just a process that we need to believe in but protection for everyone.

Each of us hasa purpose and reasonfor travelling, some urgent and some just for fun and adventure. But, during this pandemic, it would be wiser to have a requirement that will be needed before we get going so that there will be no hassles while travelling. Because most of the places we go torequire proof that we are covid-free.

Harley Medic International is one of the trusted and reliable when it comes to Antigen PCR tests. Health professionals will assist you with a certificate form as proof of legitimacy. An antigen test is needed for travelling, specifically the Day 2 test in the United Kingdom in most countries.  

If you’re all wholly vaccinated, this quick antigen test is a lateral flow device that can be used instead of a Day 2 PCR test. The passenger locating form comes with a unique reference number for the Day 2 Rapid Antigen Test. After re-entering the UK, you can use our quick antigen self-test as your day two arrival test. 

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