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A headache is common, especially when you have a busy and stressful day. This type of headache disappears after some time when you rest. However, there are times when you have a continuous headache that does not stop even with rest. You may take painkillers that may fail to work when you get used to them. This is a sign that you have migraines that cause a continuous headache which starts with slight symptoms and worsens with time. If you have been a migraine victim, Dr. Clement Yeh has a remedy for you. He has experience diagnosing and treating different migraines, giving you a peaceful and healthy life. Here are the different types of migraine you can seek treatment for.

Classic Migraines

This is a complicated type of migraine that affects the way you see. The sign comes with an aura symptom where you begin seeing flashing lights, colors, or shadows. You may also lose your vision temporarily. This migraine may also weaken one part of your body. A feeling of restlessness and depression. This lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and then disappears. You will also experience headaches on one or both sides of the head. The aura symptoms and headache may sometimes overlap, making you feel uncomfortable.

Common Migraine

This type of migraine does not have aura symptoms. It starts slowly and has progressive symptoms. The symptoms last longer and affect your daily activities. You will experience headaches mostly on one side of the head, starting with mild headaches and advancing, causing more discomfort. Many people with migraines experience this type and do not have an aura. They will only experience persistent headaches, which become part of their everyday lives. Unless a specialist manages it, it does not go away easily, even after taking painkillers.

Migraines Without Head Pain

It is also known as silent migraine since it does not come with severe symptoms like common or classic migraines. You may experience all other symptoms except feeling pain. You will not experience the usual pain around the eyes and temples. You will, however, experience light sensitivity and sound as in a typical migraine. You may also explain the aura phase, which occurs within a short time frame and disappears.

Hemiplegic Migraines

This severe migraine causes one part of your body to become weak, like a stroke. However, these symptoms are temporary and disappear after some time, then recur. The symptoms are part of migraine attacks that come and disappear. Areas affected include arms, face, or legs. The feeling may last up to 24 hours but may even last for days. However, this type of migraine is rare.

Retinal Migraines

This type of migraine causes changes in vision that are not aura related. The symptoms involve vision problems and may even cause one-eye blindness. The symptoms disappear after some time and may precede or be followed by head pain.

Migraines are common, and many people do not differentiate them from normal headaches. Patients struggle with painkillers to manage their pain without realizing the underlying condition. If you are a victim of continuous headaches, you are the right candidate for migraine treatment. The Republic Spine and Pain team has experience treating all types of migraines, guaranteeing you a pain-free lifestyle. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.