Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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A survey shows that people want to have better health care and more preventive measures. It is believed that prevention is better than cure, and the only way to have good health is to take preventive measures, even if these may seem unnecessary. However, getting and maintaining good health can be expensive. Moreover, people also do not like to go to clinics or hospitals for healthcare. This, together with other factors, has caused a deterioration of health care in many countries.

People’s search for affordable health care and disease prevention has led to different health insurance policies. Health insurance aims to cover health care expenses, pharmacy and medicine expense, and provide a financial cushion to meet rising medical costs. Health programs are also available for senior citizens, students, unemployed, and rural communities. Health programs are now offered by almost all health facilities as well as in the work place. Health programs focus on covering the basic needs of these groups and allow them to live well and achieve well-being.

Tertiary Health Care System

In terms of tertiary health care system, health care professionals assist doctors in providing treatment. The aim of tertiary health care system is to make patient visits more convenient, facilitate treatment, and allow patients to recover rapidly. Tertiary health care centers incorporate both primary and secondary health care systems. In primary health care system, health professionals deal with illnesses and diseases. In secondary health care system, health professionals monitor health and prevent diseases.

health care center sherwood or are meant to be functional in each community or town. Clinics offer comprehensive services to a wide population and are covered by some public health programs. Services provided at community health clinics are mainly geared at preventive health care and maintenance of good health. These clinics help address the neglected health needs of the local population. Some clinics conduct free health screening and distribute informational pamphlets on health-related issues.

Free health services include referral needed by individuals and groups. Referral needed refers to persons who don’t have health care services or those who need health care services but can’t get them because of limited availability of health professionals. Information on health services is disseminated through health promotion and awareness campaigns and literature is distributed in schools and community groups. Education is promoted among children through community health programs. Community health programs are directed at improving nutritional habits, promoting physical activity, and preventing health disorders.