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Technology has made it easier for women to take control of their bodies. The latest one involves egg freezing, an IVF method for fertility preservation. While some women choose egg freezing for social reasons, it was originally designed for medical reasons. So, do you plan to include it in your life-changing decisions or want to learn more about it? Your gynecology Lake Mary expert can take you through the process to help you understand what you stand to gain from the procedure. But first, discover why its popularity has grown over the years.

Why is egg freezing becoming popular?

The New York Times reports that IVF started in the 1970s when men could freeze their sperm. Gradually, IVF technology advanced, allowing women to freeze their eggs. The technical term for the procedure is Oocyte cryopreservation, which dates back to the 1980s. At the time, the procedure was only for those with medical conditions for women who wanted to have babies later in life.

They included:

  • Women with a family history of premature menopause
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Patients involved in gender reassignment
  • Women involved in high-risk careers like the military

Currently, more women visiting Christopher Quinsey, MD rely on it for medical and non-medical reasons. For instance, a woman who is perfectly healthy but wants babies later in her thirties or forties is eligible for it. Perhaps they want to pursue their education or career paths and get pregnant when economically empowered. It is also one way of ensuring they get healthy babies.

The health benefits of egg benefits

  1. It reduces anxiety surrounding infertility

Studies suggest that women are most fertile in their 20s. Their fertility reduces in their 30s and 40s, though they can still get pregnant during that age bracket. Egg freezing can reduce infertility anxiety as women who undergo it have peace of mind that they will give birth to healthy babies even later. So, if a woman is reluctant that they could be coming of age and might not conceive, egg freezing can be their best bet.

  1. It can help select the right sperm donor or partner

Most women choose this method because they want to take time to find the right partner to raise their children with. Egg freezing gives them enough time to return to the dating scene to get a person with good genes and a sense of responsibility to provide a good home for their kids.

  1. It protects eggs

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are at risk of having their eggs harmed. Also, women with endometriosis have little chance of getting pregnant. Egg freezing allows their oocytes to remain viable for later fertilization. It is one of the best scientific inventions allowing women with these medical conditions to become mothers, even if it means getting surrogates.

See an egg-freezing specialist for further medical opinion and treatment

Whether your intention for egg freezing is medical or non-medical, Christopher Quinsey, MD can help put your mind at ease. It is best if you see one to give you a second medical opinion. Book an appointment with your egg-freezing specialist using the online tools available.