Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Surrogacy is a reproductive technology that involves three people in conceiving a child involves three people:

– The genetic father, who provides his sperm for fertilization;

– Genetic mother, who provides her own egg for fertilization;

– A surrogate mother who agrees to carry and bear the child at the surrogate mother agrees to bear the child from the genetic parents, either gratis or for a fee.

This method is mostly used when a woman is not able to bear a child of her own.

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Currently Surrogacy is the greatest achievement of mankind. After all, thanks to the latest medical technology, people who are condemned to childless and have lost hope to have a child, they can still defy nature and give birth to a blood-born baby. But the use of a surrogate mother raises many questions. Some people approve of the process, while others are vehemently opposed.

Pros of surrogacy: 

Proponents of surrogacy believe that it is in no way not the commercialization of procreation, but a human act of cooperation. It is not a form of exploitation of the woman because she voluntarily decides to become a surrogate mother and receives material and moral compensation by benefiting others. 

  • A woman who has decided to use the services of a surrogate mother A woman who has decided to use the services of a surrogate may, without going on maternity leave and continuing to work, continue her lineage. Besides, she does not have to worry about her figure and will not have to suffer from toxicosis, hormonal changes, painful childbirth. 
  •  A woman who is expecting a child from a surrogate mother can Sports, travel, and other pleasures of life. 
  • A surrogate mother gets an opportunity to solve her material problems, and even a housing problem for a while. After all, many couples do not pay for the service of carrying and giving birth, but also provide the expectant mother with everything she needs, including housing. 
  • And the most important point is, of course, the opportunity for childless couples to have their own child. 
  • Not only rich parents can afford to have a baby this way. Rich parents can afford to have a baby this way. As a surrogate mother it is possible to use in this case the surrogate mother could be a girlfriend or a relative; in this case the program will not cost much more than a pregnancy following IVF. It does not cost much more than a pregnancy after IVF.