Friday, April 19, 2024
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The plastic surgery field is dominated by women, with nine out of ten procedures done on women. However, many men seem to be getting on board as more procedures have been reportedly done on men over the current times. Men are turning to plastic surgery mainly to rejuvenate and maintain their appearance. You are not alone if you are thinking about plastic surgery as a man. The men’s plastic Surgery Portland specialists have been treating more men now than ever. But why? Here are the reasons.

High Market Competition

Being young, fit, and masculine can help you clinch a higher ladder in your career. Many men have realized the increasing competition in the market and want to throw themselves out there for equal chances. Therefore, several cosmetic procedures are being performed on aging men to enhance their appearance and help them compete with the younger generation. Most of the procedures sought for these purposes include liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, blepharoplasty, and hair restorations.

Boost Quality When Looking for a Partner

Men in the dating arena are aiming to attract a suitable partner and ought to increase their odds. Plastic surgery can make one look young and be in a better position to compete with others. Sometimes when one is from a bitter divorce or breakup, changing up a little can help one start over and compete with the younger males healthily. Also, when a wedding has been delayed to later in life, a man can choose to seek some cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their appearance and avoid looking old in the wedding photos. Men wanting to look younger goes for a brow lift, liposuction, or procedures that tighten the neck and face.

Preservation of Good Looks

Some men are naturally born with unique, attractive features that they would not wish to lose due to aging. Those in modeling or acting careers mainly seek cosmetic procedures to maintain a youthful appearance to secure a place in their future careers. Research has found that most celebrities continuously rely on cosmetic procedures to preserve their natural looks. The skin care, Botox injections, and Fillers are mainly sought for this purpose as little intervention is needed.

Covering Insecurities

It is natural to experience some insecurities about unique physical and facial features. Today’s society has idealized beauty, and everyone wants to be perfect. Therefore, men with certain insecurities use cosmetic procedures to address specific issues. Abnormalities can result from accidents, or one could have been born with some imperfections. Fortunately, several cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, hair replacement, and reconstructive surgery can correct those imperfections.

Motivation from The Women

Women dominate the plastic surgery field, as mentioned earlier. Men have been watching women undertake the procedures and how results occur. Spouses and significant others have also been an excellent motivation for men to seek treatments. Men watching their partners before and after seeking treatments get motivated by the appealing results. Although the results may vary based on men’s unique needs, men understand what they can expect. Plus, it is suitable to age or remain young together.

Plastic surgery is now something all can benefit from and is not just viewed as women’s treatment. You can also benefit from the procedures depending on your unique needs. Whatever motivates you, reach out to the specialists at PNW Plastic Surgery for help. Make a call to discuss your needs and learn the correct procedure.