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Partridge and Polygonatum are considered as edible berries and herbs. They have been used by experts ever since traditional times. Both herbs are widely used in traditional medicines for curing many types of diseases.

As far as traditional systems like Ayurveda is concerned, these offer numerous health benefits.

  • Different parts of the herbal plant are used for different types of treatments.
  • They can be added in various forms to your regular diet.
  • These are rich in iron, minerals and potassium contents.

So, when speaking of medicinal uses, these prove helpful in more than one ways and conditions.

Treatment against infertility

Infertility is one of the main issues faced by many due to the changing lifestyle. When going through traditional forms of treatments, you may come across potions prepared using partridge and Polygonatum.

The potion, in general, is prepared using stems, leaves, and berries of these plants. When prepared, the potion can be consumed as warm as herbal tea. To see better results, you can try and consume this extract at least two to three times a day. It helps in treating infertility related issues in men and women.

Menses issues

In case you have been suffering from menses related issues, then you can use the extract prepared using flower and berry. The potion can be consumed orally and will help in treating menses related conditions. As menses can last for over one week so this potion can be consumed during this time.

Pain-related issues

Pain, in general, is not easy to teat instantly. In most cases, you will be suggested with all types of pain killers. These medicines are never rated healthy for your liver when used for a longer time. You can depend on the partridge extract to help get instant relief against pain.

You can also experiment with adding partridge and drum sticks along with ginger extract. It helps eliminate back pain to a much greater extent.

Irregular nipple discharge

In case you often face issues related to nipple discharge, then you can mix partridge and Polygonatum mixed with other herbal ingredients. You also try and add a little amount of olive oil t the mix. Applying gently around the nipple region will prove helpful in eliminating nipple discharge issues.

Several other proofs are related to treating miscarriage related issues. Herbal medicine can be prepared and consumed regularly. The best part is that when consuming Polygonatum extract you may not have t worry about side effects, as these are natural plant ingredients.