Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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In recent times, one of the hot news has been circulated around the world about the Florida man who slapped his pregnant lady for smoking. Even though smoking a cigarette is not the right thing during the pregnant time but no one provides you the right to hit someone. The arguments between the Florida man who has named Felix Taylor and his wife have been reached an extreme level regarding the welfare of the child.

The main point of the Florida man is that if any of the health issues arise due to cigarette smoking and it will greatly affect the child too. Therefore, pregnant women have to aware of the hassles of smoking during pregnant time and you need to look at the ways for how to stop smoking quickly. Let see some more details about this information.

On March 10 – Florida Man Has Arrested 

On March 10, Pensacola police department has arrested Felix Taylor for slapped his pregnant lady. Taylor, the 36-aged man has been arrested by the police and landed in jail for beating his pregnant lady for smoking a cigarette during the pregnant time. In the end, police have learned, Taylor’s wife has been addicted to cigarette smoking and he is trying to recover from it.

Smoking is not a good habit especially during a pregnant time and that the negative impacts will reflect in your baby’s health. Still most of the pregnant ladies unaware about the disadvantages of smoking a cigarette.

Man Got Mad And Slapped Her 

Smoking a cigarette is the most crucial thing to be avoided during pregnant time. Continuous smoking of cigarettes will provide wide ranges of health problems to the women and fetus. Florida man, Taylor had seen her wife who is smoking a cigarette at the living room while pregnant. In that situation, he got mad and slapped her without his control. He warned her so many times to stop the cigarette but she does not ready to obey his words.

After a long time argument, Taylor has left from the living room. However, some of the people had said, he came back again and punched the lady in the stomach and face. One of the strong warrants has been issued against Taylor in March as well as charged with aggravated battery. Taylor was arrested by the police on July 17 and landed him at the Escambia County jail.

Quit Smoking And Minimize The Risk Factors 

Smoking a cigarette during pregnant time can enhance the risk of health problems and it cannot be cured after attains the serious stage. The impacts of cigarettes will reflect in many things such as low birth weight, problems in developing babies, birth defects of the mouth and lip and even preterm birth. The pregnant ladies who are addicted to cigarette smoking, have to take immediate actions to quit quickly. You should ask some piece of advice from the doctors on how to stop smoking. 

Read the lines and grab the importance of stop smoking especially for pregnant women. Thus, these are all the significant problems have been developed because of cigarette smoking.