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Initially, the discovery of ketamine led to its use in preventing pain during medical and surgical procedures. However, around the 1970s, Delray Beach Ketamine had already been proven effective as an antidepressant. Reports from street users showed the efficacy of the medication. Having been considered an illicit drug, it was not until 2000 that the first research showed its promising effects and improved its general acceptance. About three years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved using the first ketamine drug for treating depression that has remained unresponsive against more than one medication.

Subsequently, below are some of the current uses of ketamine drugs.

  • Anesthetizing patients

Ketamine benefits patients by achieving conscious sedation, which does not last long. The drug can come in handy for sedating patients who need treatments for the dislocation of joints. Additionally, ketamine administration is suitable when there is a need to repair an injury of a person not cooperating with health professionals, such as a child.

  • Pain alleviation

Health experts may use ketamine in small quantities to alleviate pain if you suffer from different health conditions, including back, stomach, and arm pain.

  • Treat severe seizure type

The severe form of seizure happens for more than five minutes. The condition also may involve experiencing more than one attack within five minutes before regaining your usual level of consciousness. Conventional antiepileptic drugs do not trigger any response to the condition.

A prolonged seizure attack is life-threatening and can trigger damage to your brain.

  • Depression and anxiety treatment

Various studies have established that medication is effective in tackling depression if you have not been positively responding to other forms of treatment. However, since there is a need for more studies on the subject, researchers advise health providers to consider the potential adverse effects before use.

It is a health issue globally that ketamine continues to be misused. That is because it is a psychedelic drug, which makes you see, feel, and hear things that are not real or deceives your interpretation of the happenings around your environment. Therefore, before offering ketamine treatment, your health specialist must first try conventional antidepressants for treating depression.

Like with depression, ketamine may also help in alleviating symptoms of anxiety. One research proposes that the medication can help treat social phobia, which concerns the stress associated with social situations. Having a social anxiety disorder means you fear going through an embarrassing or humiliating situation within a social setting.

Even with the importance of ketamine as an anti-anxiety medication, there is still hope clinical studies can find more extensive benefits.

Potential effects of ketamine drugs

  • You may experience an unusual rhythm in heart function. The blood pressure and pulse rate may be slower or faster, depending on your health condition.
  • During the recovery phase, you may experience different forms of body response, including being agitated or confused.
  • When used by children, there is a high risk of the medicine affecting thinking, even if within a short time.
  • Not suitable for people with high blood glucose.

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