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Primary care plays a vital role in helping you stay on top of your health by preventing and managing medical conditions. Covington, GA primary care center practices are available from different primary care providers. You can create a routine of health checkups and connect with one of the service providers to help you through your health journey. You can undergo different procedures as preventive measures and as management of chronic conditions.

What is Primary Care?

Primary care involves healthcare services that focus on wellness, prevention, and management of health conditions. Typically, you contact your primary care provider before you can see a doctor, and the services are available for you and your family. Primary care offers you healthcare while lowering costs, and you can get improved health outcomes. The providers may begin from family physicians, pediatricians, and OB/GYN to geriatricians.

What Services are in Primary Care?

There are many different services you can get from your primary care provider. They can include immunizations, minor surgeries, wellness visits, and physicals.

Physical Examinations

They focus on preventive care rather than medical issues, and you can get the exams regularly regardless of age. During a physical examination session, your doctor will evaluate basic statuses, including your weight and weight. Major weight changes may indicate underlying health concerns. You will also get a routine blood pressure exam and monitor your heart rate. You can inform your doctor of any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing lately. Additionally, your doctor can carry out actual examinations, including pelvic, breast, prostate, and genital exams. You can also get screenings and tests.


Immunizations protect you from infectious diseases and help lower the spread of diseases. You can also get immunizations during epidemics to prevent you from catching the disease, otherwise known as vaccination. Your child can benefit from chickenpox, polio, DPT, flu, and measles immunizations after birth and at the recommended time. You are likely to experience effects from vaccines, but they are mostly minor.

STD Testing

Primary care can offer you STD testing if you are unsure and want to find out if you have STD. They may not show any symptoms, and it would be best to seek care as soon as possible before they may cause harm if not treated. The tests are painless and quick.

Urgent Visits

Primary care can also provide urgent care services that deal with health concerns and symptoms you may be experiencing while waiting for an appointment. Symptoms may cause discomfort and worry. Thus, seeking primary care can help. Services you can get during your urgent visits may include sore throat, asthma, seizures, chronic conditions management, and cold symptoms. Screenings, hormonal therapy, and cosmetic surgery may also be available during urgent visits to offer assessments.

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