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Neck pain may result from various injuries, wrong sleeping positions, or working on your computer all day. Whatever your reason for neck pain, it can be uncomfortable, affecting your daily routine. The pain may vary, depending on the cause. Usually, neck pain may improve with over-the-counter medications, but when it lasts more than a few days, you may need medical attention. The neck pain Red Bank specialist provides passionate care to help relieve your pain and restore your health. This blog post will highlight solutions to neck pain.

What are the causes of neck pain?

The neck provides support for your head and enhances various head movements. Its function and structure make it vulnerable to various issues, causing neck pain and stiffness. Neck pain is common to most people and usually gets better. Neck pain may occur due to different issues, such as degenerative health conditions, sports injuries, muscle strain, or following a motor accident. Your provider performs a thorough diagnosis to determine the exact cause of your neck pain. It helps in finding the best treatment option for you.

Heat and cold therapy

Applying heat to areas with neck pain can offer some relief. However, it’s not recommendable to use heat during the first few days of your injury, especially if you have inflammation and swelling. Heat relaxes your neck muscles and improves blood flow, enhancing pain relief. Cold therapy is effective during the initial stage of your neck injury. It lowers inflammation and prevents further injury. You can use both heat and cold therapy for better results.


You can relieve neck pain by applying the correct exercise on your cervical spine. They improve your neck muscle function, promoting pain relief. Exercises may include neck stretches, promoting flexibility and range of motion. You may also use products that strengthen your neck muscles. Exercise provides effective and lasting results.


One of the causes of neck pain includes a wrong sleeping posture. Pillows support your head during sleep, allowing you to sleep better. Pillows can improve your sleeping posture and prevent neck pain. There are different types of pillows, and you may want to research all of them to identify your most suitable pillow for neck support. Travel pillows enhance your comfort during travel and can also be used at home.

Neck collars

Neck collars enhance pain relief when you have cervical spine injuries. They provide support to your neck, warmth, and relieve muscle spasms.

Topical pain relievers

Topicals alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and promoting healing. They may also give the effects of cold therapy to stimulate pain relief.

Other options

Massages and acupuncture may also help eliminate neck pain. Other advanced treatment options for neck pain may include epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, or spinal cord stimulation. Usually, if your neck pain does not get better with at-home remedies, please see your doctor.

Does neck pain prevent you from performing your daily activities? Luckily, you can choose not to be your case. Downtown Pain Management is here to help. They offer diagnoses and recommend effective treatments for neck pain. Do not hesitate to call their offices today if neck pain distracts you from important things. Call Downtown Pain Management to schedule your consultation.