Thursday, December 7, 2023
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From one perspective, it seems like technology and nature are at odds. After all, there’s a big difference between watching tv and being in a forest.

However, perhaps the “technology vs nature” debate should be framed as the “technology and nature” paradigm. Perhaps both realms have something to offer.

So how does technology help us connect to nature, if at all? Let’s explore that question.

The Web: Organic?

When you think of it, the largest technological revolution of our time (the internet) is an organic creation. It came out of physics and human minds — both natural occurrences in the universe.

And when you think about it, the web helps spread information rapidly. Maybe there’s actually a way the internet can help promote eco-friendly causes, connection with the planet, and green initiatives.

Technology in Nature

The funny thing is, the internet is called the “World Wide Web.” It’s an organic structure. Fungi form root systems beneath the surface. Spiders create webs. And the human world is connected via social connections, just like a web.

Is it possible that we humans are simply emulating life in our digital technologies? Could this tech revolution actually bring us closer to each other, to the earth, and to the spiritual realm?

How Can Technology Help Us Connect to Nature?

Technologies influence the natural world, just as the natural world influences technology. Think about how cell phone cameras give more people access to beautiful locations, even if they would never be able to travel there in person.

These kinds of tech can encourage people to be more eco-friendly, ultimately helping the environment by protecting it. And studies have shown that people viewing videos of nature experienced greater benefits than someone who didn’t venture into or view nature at all in any form.

Responsible Tech Use for Nature

If used correctly, technology can be a lens through which you grow to have greater respect for nature. You can connect online to donate to eco causes.

You can share photos of your travels, encouraging others to recycle so that these beautiful destinations are preserved.

And you can even watch your energy usage. Not home? Turn off appliances. Within walking distance to the store? Go by foot instead of firing up your gas-powered vehicle.

The more you view technology and nature as connected, the better you can be for the planet. And it will pay you back in spades.

How to Balance Nature with Technology

The first power against conflict is education. By understanding how technology and nature can both be helpful, you can use them as they are intended.

For instance, forest bathing training can teach you to “turn off” your mind and electronics, surrounding yourself in the wilderness.

That doesn’t mean that you never use the internet. Instead, it means that you allow yourself to be online when you’re online. And when you unplug, you do it fully.

Meditation and observation are other powerful tools. Whereas technology gets you going energetically, nature helps you resolve those charges you’ve built up in your system.

The end result — if you balance technology with nature — is the ability to connect with your fellow humans, animals, and green beings all at once. And that’s the ultimate balance we should try to achieve.