Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Diabetics need a special diet that is low in fat, processed sugar, and other potentially harmful compounds. It is very important to have a meal plan that provides enough carbohydrates but reduces the risk for spikes in sugar levels. Potatoes are an excellent example of foods with a low glycemic index. So, if you are wondering how to cook potatoes for a diabetic, here are the best ideas to try.

  1. Natural spices are best: Processed spices are harmful over time, and given that the diabetic is already facing a serious health challenge, anything to reduce the burden on the immune system is welcome. It is best to cook potatoes with natural spices and herbs that provide a lot of nutrients to boost the immune system spices such as cumin, basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc. are advised.
  2. Try the small red potatoes specie: Although all potato species are okay to eat, the small red potatoes are excellent. This specie provides a lot more nutrients than the other species and since they are small, the diet can easily be controlled to deliver the right amount of calories. Next to this, sweet potatoes are the best as they have more fiber content than any other species.
  3. Consider vegetables: Vegetables are great for everyone, more so for patients battling various diseases. Potatoes can be cooked with vegetables that have a high fiber content. Combining herbs, spices, and vegetables should give the meal a great taste without adding unnecessary calories or unwanted chemicals.
  4. Eat potatoes with the skins: Most of us do not even know that potatoes can be eaten with the skins on. But, of course, many others know how to cook potatoes this way. The skin of potatoes contains many vitamins and important metals such as iron, potassium, and calcium. The skin is also a good source of dietary fiber and helps to slow down digestion and absorption. Slowing down on those regulates the sugar uptake in diabetics.
  5. Avoid deep-fried and mashed potatoes: The question of how to cook potatoes for diabetics has a simple answer: avoid frying the potatoes or boiling them for too long (to mash). It is best to boil slightly, broil, or even grill potatoes than to fry them. Sautéing is also acceptable for diabetics but it should be slightly done.

Above all, discuss with a nutritionist to know the best way to control portions, no matter how the potato is cooked.