Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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You must know that summer is harmful not only for the skin but for hair as well. The scalp is prone to allergies and sunburn. Therefore, it requires extra care, and if you do not protect your hair from getting damaged, it can lead to various skin problems such as Eczema, psoriasis, heat rash, acne scars, etc. Here are some hair care tips for summer that everyone should follow.

  • Avoid Too Many Cosmetics Products

Summers are one of the main reasons for hair damage. According to a study, colored hair shows significant exposure to the sun for a longer period. Hence, make sure you go easy on the chemicals in hair treatments. Avoid too much hair color, be it at home or the spa. If you want to color your hair or plan to change the color during summer, plan it a month or two before the sun hits hard. Other than that, you can also try organic products to lock your colors, and Indulekha Oil & Shampoo is the best option!

  • Protect Your Hair From Sun

If you are traveling outside during the sunlight during summer, wear a scarf. If you do not want to carry a scarf, you can use a hair conditioner with SPF. If you have too much work outdoors, take a good amount of SPF with yourself. You can also apply a hair mask or sunscreen product as per your hair type. Other than that, make sure you wash your hair once you reach home.

  • Hydrate Yourself

It is imperative to keep yourself hydrated, especially during summers, to protect your hair and body from getting dehydrated. You can also have cooling liquids that keep your hair healthy and hydrated. So, include as many fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet.

  • Tie Your Hair

Make sure you tie your hair before you step out of the house. Even if you follow the tips mentioned above, it is a highly effective one of the essential steps. It saves your hair from too much pollution and protects you from harmful UV rays.